Darasa — Early days

We just published Darasa on the play store. Darasa is a Q&A revision app for university students — we’ve started it off with content for B.com degree students. Download it here.

Why we’re here now.

Having Darasa on the play store will enable us to test our first leap of faith assumption which is that Students will pay for Q&A revision content.

Our analytics.

We have 14 new signups and 1 payment. Sadly, the payment came from a user who had no idea about the app — but had (strangely) signed up with both her names and email. Not sure how to feel about that :/

My roles as of now are..

  1. Organise interviews with early adopters to collect feedback on the app.
  2. Analyse metrics on user behaviour.
  3. Derive hypotheses from metrics & user feedback.
  4. Design experiments for testing the hypotheses.
  5. Ensure high quality content from our creators.

My biggest challenge will be..

The user interviews.

I need to be very patient with this process. It’ll feel weird sitting in the office waiting around for students to use the app and then give me their feedback.

The toughest mentality to get my head around right now is the ‘prove yourself to one before many’ one.

If I can patiently go through this process without allowing the poor metrics to weigh me down, my team and I might just learn enough to build something that’s truly useful.

I pray that we get a set of early adopters that actually care about our product to give us their time and honest opinions.

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