On behalf of the CDAP community, it is my pleasure to announce the release of CDAP version 6.2.0. This release introduces Replication, an easy way to replicate changes from transactional databases into analytical data warehouses. It also enhances the Google Cloud Dataproc runtime provisioner to use the native Google Cloud…

In this blog post, we will create a pipeline that will make an HTTP request to get data, and process the data using CDAP pipelines. We will be working with police incidents data from DataSF (https://datasf.org). We will process the dataset “Police Department Incident Reports: Historical 2003 to May 2018”.

I can recall that one of the most popular sentiments while going through math classes in college was “I will never use some of these concepts again”. …

Edwin Elia

Edwin is a Software Engineer for Cloud Data Fusion at Google. He specializes in Front End development, specifically Data Analytics user interface.

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