Product update: Rhombus is now Relay.

Rhombus has always been great for accepting payments via text messages. Today, in addition to re-branding from Rhombus to Relay, we’re releasing over 15 new features that makes Relay (formerly Rhombus) great for your support and marketing teams too. This is a fresh start for us here at Relay, and a huge step towards helping your business reach more customers and prospects faster, and ultimately grow your sales. Here are some of the exciting features included in this update:

Customer Import

You can now add a single customer, or bulk import your entire customer and contacts database into Relay. Start sending direct messages and campaigns in minutes!

Campaigns | Group Messaging

Send one-time or recurring group messages to all your customers, or a subset of your customers and contacts. Each campaign message can be sent out immediately or scheduled to deliver at a later date/time that is most appropriate for your recipients.

Dashboard Payments

Sometimes, waiting for a customer to text a payment might not be ideal for your billing workflow; so we’ve made it extremely easy for you to pre-authorize a transaction, or charge customers directly from your dashboard without having to wait for a text message.

Subscriptions & Recurring Payments

Accept recurring payments from your customers or members. To create a subscription in Relay, simply add the customer (with saved payment credentials) to an existing plan. Also, customers can directly subscribe to a plan by texting a payment-enabled keyword (Hashtag) to your Relay phone number.

Keywords (Hashtags)

A hashtag is a keyword that triggers an automated action when it is sent to you by a customer or lead (via SMS or Messenger). You can create a hashtag in your Relay dashboard to trigger;

  1. An automated message back to the sender. This is ideal for marketing campaigns, or for educating your customers/leads on new products, promotions or events.
  2. One-time or recurring payments (subscriptions). Your customers can make simple purchases or sign-up for a subscription by sending the hashtag to you via SMS or messenger.
  • Learn more about Hashtags

Rich Profiles

Your customers’ profiles in Relay now contains publicly available social data including handles, city, profile picture and more to help your team connect better. Profiles also include transaction history, and a timeline of all the interactions you’ve had with the customer in Relay.

How will this update affect you today?

Stripe Migration: We’ll be migrating your merchant account to a unified managed account by Stripe. Why are we doing this?

To provide you with a streamlined user-experience. This means all your merchant related data and activity post-migration will now happen on your Relay profile, and will no longer exist on your current Stripe profile. More importantly, we will be able to offer lower transaction/processing fees, which means you get to keep more of your hard-earned money.

Subscriptions: Starting today, you will be required to select one of our low monthly subscription plans in order to continue using Relay. Why are we doing this?

To keep the lights on, and to provide you with the best support possible, and regular updates that will help your business grow.

Inactive Accounts: Starting today, all accounts with a negative balance > -$25 in the last 30 days will be deactivated.

This means your Relay number will no longer be reachable by your customers and prospects. Obviously we don’t want you to lose access to your conversations, so If you experience any difficulty rolling out Relay for your organization, please email us at, and we’ll be happy to provide you with a customized step-by-step roll-out plan.

Merchant signup link: With this release, your Rhombus bitly URL has also been updated. If you currently have this link on your website or social media profiles, be sure to update it as soon as you log into your new Relay dashboard.

You can find the updated URL on the bottom left corner of your messaging dashboard; just click the [+] menu options and select Relay URL.

We look forward to your feedback; drop us a note [] a member of our team will be happy to help you get started with the new platform.