Hang on worse, than the bull wants to throw you off.

What’s the secret of being a good bull rider? When a newspaper writer asked a Montana cowboy that question, he pushed back his hat and grinned, “You just have to hang on worse than the bull wants to throw you off.” To paraphrase the words of this wise Montana cowboy, you’ve to hang on and want to complete the boot camp challenges than they want to pull you away. I felt like I wanted to let go but now I have all the reasons to try just a little more.

“Congratulations for making it this far and getting your first Flask website up and running! I hope this introduction to Flask has whetted your appetite for exploring more.” This was really what I needed to see. It came at the right time if I may say so in the tutorial I was following on flask. I was almost throwing in the towel. However, I became resilient until I saw things were finally working for me. I bounced up back from all these kinds of bugs that were keeping me from forging ahead and made a step close to achieving my long lived dream to be an Andelan.

Today just like any other day of the boot camp, came with its stumbling challenges that bombarded me. I had set up my flask well yesterday but really getting to use it today in my project was becoming a bother. I felt really frustrated when simple lines of code did not work as I expected them to do. I tried them a million and one times and each time I failed, I learnt something that made my code not to work. Just like Thomas Edison, who is the reason that we enjoy light at the comfort of our homes, he did not give up even after testing the bulb more than a thousand times. I had the same zeal until I was able to get my application up and running using flask.

Working alone will make you move faster, but working as a group will move you further. I have been working alone day 1 and part of my day 2, but when I really got stuck yesterday I had to travel all the way to Rongai to go work with someone else who would help me out. I had a Flask tutorial but when I tried to follow it through most of the commands were in linux and could not work on windows. I had done an extensive research to find equivalent commands for windows but the solutions I got did not bare any fruits. My friend really helped me out and in no time I was up and moving. Something I really like about today was working with my friend who’s also an aspiring Andelan. We really helped each other a lot when someone got stuck and at the end of the day we have achieved something tangible. This has really made me value the reason Andela insists we working in teams.

The value that have added so far in my boot camp day 3 is to be constantly a learner. Within these three days, have been able to read a lot of new content than I could have done in months. Today I also got to familiarize myself more with Object Oriented Programming using python and test driven developments to test my written codes to see whether they pass or fail. I have been able to dive deeper into that and with no time I’m hoping to be awesome in it.

In Andela we emphasize on the virtue of owning your own learning experience and I’m glad to have really been a part of this. I will task myself with the duty of making sure every day before the sun sets I have learnt something new. We only become better people today than we were yesterday by improving ourselves and sharpening our wit through what we learn.

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