My boot camp experience so far — A luta continua.

Success doesn’t come to your level, you have to rise up and get to the level of success. There’s no elevator to success, you have to take up the stairs. Yes, this is no different with Andela’s boot camp. It’s day 2 in the boot camp and all I can say, amazing! Nothing comes on a silver platter. ‘A luta continua.’

The day seems like its going to be a bee hive of activities. Fully packed with challenging projects . I woke up today and the first thing was my buddy told me flask! Flask! Flask! Then I asked him, what did flask do? Amazingly, I could hardly believe when he insinuated that I have been sleep talking and shouting flask in my dream. Yes! Even my subconscious mind owns it and knows it. I’m not going to relent until I clinch a place at Andela.

May be you wondering, what is flask? This is part of my today’s major business in the boot camp . It’s a framework in python for developing awesome websites. It’s new to me and my programming journey and I slept yesterday a bit troubled by it. It must be the reason it came hunting me down in my dreams. But I’m determined than ever before to grasp the concept and become awesome in it. By dusk meet me and ask what flask is and you will be amazed! This is the growth mindset you all need to fit to be an Andelan.

The other part I’m gearing up to today is developing Test Driven Development for testing my codes. As a programmer before, I was awesome in just writing good codes. However, I never thought I could write test codes prior to writing my actual codes. This is a nice thing to learn and try running some object oriented codes against these test codes and see if they will pass the test.

Let me say as I almost come to the end of this that I count myself a lucky person to be in Andela week 1 boot camp. It has really stretched me. Pushed me out of my comfort zone and given me a new perspective on coding.

My gratitude and appreciation to my Learning facilitator Boswell, thanks for the feedback, assistance and guidance. It has given me a reason to want to continue. Shout out to my team, conquerors! The struggle is real! Remember, it just keeps on getting better.

A good head and heart are a formidable combination, Nelson Mandela. Trust me you need both.