How Do I Contact the QuickBooks Support Line [in 2023]?

3 min readOct 26, 2023

QuickBooks, developed by Intuit, is one of the leading accounting software solutions used globally by a myriad of businesses. From small businesses to mid-sized enterprises, QuickBooks caters to various accounting needs, ensuring financial transactions and reporting are streamlined and efficient. As with any software, users might occasionally encounter issues, have queries, or need assistance with specific functionalities. Recognizing this, QuickBooks offers comprehensive support to its users.

In this guide, we’ll delve deep into the various methods to contact QuickBooks’ support line and ensure that you get the help you need:

1. Official QuickBooks Support Number:

The most direct way to get in touch with QuickBooks is by calling their official support number. Users in the United States can dial (+1 800 446 8848, +1 888 422 8032). It’s worth noting that wait times can vary depending on the time of day or the specific issue at hand. Upon calling, an automated system (Interactive Voice Response) will guide you. It’s essential to listen carefully and choose the appropriate options that closely relate to your concern to be directed to the correct department or representative.

2. QuickBooks Online Help Center:

For users of QuickBooks Online, there’s a built-in help center. Simply log in to your account and click on the ‘Help’ icon usually located at the top right corner. This feature allows users to search for topics or browse through common issues. Additionally, there’s often an option to chat with a support representative in real time.

3. Community Forums:

QuickBooks Community Forums are a treasure trove of information. Many users and experts frequently discuss common issues, solutions, and best practices. By searching the forum, you might find someone who has encountered a similar problem, and you can benefit from the solutions or advice provided.

4. Email Support:

While not as immediate as a phone call or live chat, emailing QuickBooks support can be beneficial for issues that aren’t time-sensitive. Describe your problem in detail, provide relevant screenshots, and make sure to include your account information (do not share sensitive personal details). QuickBooks typically aims to respond within a few hours to a day.

5. Training Tutorials and Webinars:

For those who wish to familiarize themselves with the software’s functionalities or troubleshoot minor issues on their own, QuickBooks offers a range of training tutorials and webinars. These resources are designed to provide users with in-depth knowledge about various features and common troubleshooting steps.

6. Local QuickBooks Experts:

In addition to the official support channels, there are many certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors and experts available locally in many areas. They offer in-person consultations, training, and troubleshooting services. You can search for a local expert on the QuickBooks website.

7. Social Media Channels:

Companies nowadays understand the power of social media as a communication tool. QuickBooks is no exception. By reaching out via platforms like Twitter or Facebook, users can get quick responses to general queries.

8. Feedback and Product Enhancement Requests:

If your interaction revolves around feedback or suggestions for product enhancement, QuickBooks has dedicated channels to receive such inputs. These channels ensure that the company is in sync with user needs and expectations.

In Summary:

QuickBooks, understanding the diverse needs of its user base, offers multiple channels of support. Whether you’re facing a technical glitch, need clarification on a feature, or want hands-on training, there’s a support channel tailored for you. Always ensure that you’re reaching out through official channels to safeguard your account and personal information. Remember, regular updates and evolving features mean that continuous learning and occasional assistance are part and parcel of maximizing the benefits of QuickBooks for your business.




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