Chuck Mullin is a 22-year-old artist based in London who uses her talent for drawing to illustrate her reality in a cute and unexpected way. The series of illustrations that made her popular is “ChuckDrawThings”. In the illustrations, Chuck’s narrator is a cute pigeon dealing with anxiety.

The artist herself lives with anxiety and depression, The Mighty discovers. Chuck the pigeon is a medium through which she expresses her own feelings and thoughts.

Actually, pigeons are the favorite animal of Chuck, and that’s why she chose them for her project.

“Pigeons have always been my favorite animal, partly because I think they’re cute, partly because I find them to be loveable, silly and relatable,” she said.

In addition to that, Chuck finds pigeons perfect for illustrating because of their features. They are funny and unique, but usually people look down on them and consider them unclean.

“They’re generally looked down upon for eating trash and being everywhere, but they’re weirdly funny to watch. I think everyone can relate to being kicked about despite having so much personality to offer, so they seemed like fun little emblems for comics.”

Chuck’s work can be found on Tumblr, Instagram and other social media platforms under the name “ChuckDrawsThings”. They are cute and funny, but in the same time, they are painfully real since they show how life with anxiety looks like.

But, illustrating her feelings and thoughts has been positive for the artist, as well. She revealed that putting her thoughts on paper in a form of art helps her deal with anxiety easier.

“It’s mainly as a coping method, a way to express my feelings in a constructive manner,” Chuck revealed.

“Having anxiety means I struggle to vocalize what I feel sometimes, so if I draw something about it, I feel liked I’ve vented in a relatively healthy manner.”

The positive feedback from her fans showed her that her art helps others living with anxiety, not only her. And the support she gets for her art makes her stronger.

“It’s been lovely receiving such nice messages from others and connecting with people going through the same thing. I never thought I’d be able to do that on such a massive scale,” Chuch said.

What we can see from the illustrations and what Chuck tries to tell us through them is that anxiety is not about being shy or behaving badly, but it’s a condition that is hard to control.

Whereas the feeling of anxiety is not unknown to most of the people, some people experience these anxious thoughts and emotions more often and with a higher intensity compared to the rest.

Just as Chuck explains, “it’s so much more than just being a bit nervous — the mental and physical side effects are overwhelmingly powerful.”

Nonetheless, many people undervalue the state of anxiety and many cases are left untreated because of that.

Art such as Chucks’ is important for people with anxiety to see that they are not the only ones facing those challenges and having those feelings.Her illustrations tell short stories about the struggling to be happy and positive, but also about real-life situation that occur to people with anxiety.

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