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2/3/19 Advertisers can’t catch people’s attention — Then don’t!

I was speaking with a friend who is working in a big cosmetics brand. We were having a conversation on how they are doing marketing now and what a tough time they face now.

First, she mentioned was that they no longer produce long-form articles. Reason being no one is reading content anymore (which I disagree). And by the content here we refer to textual content only. It could range from social media feeds to long-form articles, researches, and ebooks. …

26/2/19 — Late night thought on how communication is key for culture progression, and in turn, the content.

TL;DR: I believe that technology helps us to connect with each other and the world’s information better. But to be sure you/your company is gatekeeping the quality and authenticity of it.

A late night thought pops up as I’m reading stuff about coding and web technologies. It triggers me to think about what I am doing, learning is all about the web. Something that became popular only around mid-90s and early-00s.

The Internet is the source that now powers all these growth and web companies. Many modern advancements appear within the last 2 decades — online shopping (Amazon and eBay, classic), online payment, remote working, many more. …

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First of all, what is Maven Access

Maven Access is a Marketing Tech (MarTech) Startup. We aim to simplify content creation with a freelancer platform and AI tools. It’s all about creating the future workplace. We envision everyone works on anything they love, with anyone they like at anytime they want.

Our core value: time-saving. We started Maven Access as we want to save time for the workforce. That will never be changed nor pivoted, despite our products have changed a couple of times.

We do it by reducing the friction of workflows between parties. …

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Marketing your company against the giants in the industry

What happened

Recently YouGov has released, based on their Brandindex’s Word of Mouth metric, these findings of the top 10 most discussed brands among Hong Kong millennials. 2 online payment companies and 3 consumer companies took up the top 5 spots here.

We find the results very insightful. Yet, it also triggered us to think about what should we do if our direct competitions happen to be among them?

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Here are my two cents on how your startups, or for marketers with a limited budget for advertising, can leverage content over ads.

Why you should care about content over advertising

These are the reasons why content marketing might suit you more than advertising would. …

Just replied to a Quora question on “What makes leading Enterprises/Companies adopt SaaS?” I thought might be good to share my two cents here as well. I’ve expanded more thoughts and my current company’s example at the end.

Below is some modified abstract from my answer.

In the enterprise settings, it normally takes 4–6 touch points before the final decision makers make the call. Put things in context, I sold SaaS products to Salespeople, PR & Marketing pros, startup owners. …


Edwin Ty

Write about #Entrepreneurship, #Content, #product, random thoughts. Founder of a #MarTech, to simplify content creation with #AI tool and freelancers in Asia.

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