How Web Browsers render HTML

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As web developers, we work with browsers day in day out, constantly hitting refresh to see the result of the changes we’ve done to our stylesheets or HTML files. Rarely do we pause to ask ourselves:

How is the browser transforming my HTML tags and creating such a beautiful UI?”

The year 1995 saw the introduction of Javascript and JScript by Netscape’s Netscape Navigator and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer respectively. The two browsers had inbuilt Javascript Engines which could interpret scripting languages into machine code. …

AJAX requests with JQuery

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The internet handles tons of data, constantly sending information back and forth. A typical website architecture involves a server — the source of data — and a client that presents the information to the user.

Let’s take Twitter as an example.

Once you log in on their website, your profile data is retrieved from their database and sent back to your browser together with the webpage.

However, when loading the timeline a different approach is required. With hundreds of new tweets every minute, it will be inefficient for the server to query the database, retrieve all tweets then display the…

MS-DOS Batch Files

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I recently came across a program I wrote about 7 years ago. It was an ambitious project at the time — to build a virtual friend. Most of the programming I did back then was creating simple scripts that could just display text on the screen.

With Virtual Friend, the goal was more than just printing text.

My aim was to create a program that could interact with humans like the modern-day chatbots. Years later, looking back at it, I now understand what inspired me to start creating software.

My interest in computers began about a decade ago, toying around…

The Future of Trust

Blockchain isn’t Bitcoin.

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On the third day of January 2009, two important events occurred. Alistair Darling had been forced to consider a second bailout for banks in America and the first Bitcoin block was mined. These two events might seem to have no correlation, but in retrospect, have proved to be a turning point in the world as we know it. This was the birth of blockchain technology.

Technologies in place have a crucial flaw. Centralization. This means that our data is stored in large clusters and controlled by different organizations and institutions. A drawback of this architecture is the potential of data…

Embedded Systems and Memory Addressing in C++

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A pointer is a variable that stores or points to the address of another variable.

Pointers are one of the greatest mysteries in programming. In order to wrap your head around how they work, it is imperative to understand how memory is allocated in programs.

Once you run a program, all its variables are allocated some space in memory. The slots in memory are marked with addresses using hexadecimal numbers.

Memory Addresses

We can think of memory addresses as hotel room numbers. A hotel has many rooms. …

It’s okay to lie.

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Sending your CV to prospective employers can be daunting. Am I good enough? How can I make the email sound more formal? Many thoughts race through our minds. Once we gather enough will power to finally send the email, we impatiently wait for a reply. From experience, it never comes. When it does, it goes something like this:

We regret that we do not have an opportunity that fits your qualifications and our staffing needs as of now. Please do not let this discourage you from applying for future opportunities.

At least I tried, right?

A few years back I…

With encryption, you can even be a whistle-blower and not worry — Brian Acton

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Maybe you want to trust the government, but you shouldn’t because you don’t know where things are going to go in the future — Jan Koum

We live in a constantly connected world. The average human spends at least 6 hours a day on the internet accounting for 3 months a year spent online. From sending emails to replying to direct messages on social media, conversing with one another has never been easier. The evolution of technology and the growth of the internet has redefined how we communicate.

The increased rate of communication has brought about problems of its own…

Uber under the hood.

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Uber’s mission is transportation as reliable as running water, everywhere, for everyone. To make that possible, we create and work with complex data. Then we bundle it up neatly as a platform that enables drivers to get business and riders to get around.” — Lucie Lozinski

We interact with at least 9 apps on our phones every single day. From streaming services to our mail, these applications all have a similar goal — to provide us with a service.

Facebook became the first social networking platform to hit the one billion user mark and now it…

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