How to write the perfect meta description in 2018?

Does meta description has anything to do with Rankings?

5 min readMay 22, 2018


When it comes to search engine optimization of a website or publishing a new piece of content on your site, you give some special treatment to the Meta Tag or Meta Description or what you also say the search result snippets.

So today we will discuss how to write the perfect meta description in 2018 and also that does it has anything to do with the rankings of the site.

What is a Meta Description?

Meta description which is also called a meta tag is actually a HTML tag which looks like this in the HTML form —

<meta name=“description” content=“description of your article.”/>

Recent changes in Meta Description

Last year in December, Google increased the length of the meta description to almost double of what it was earlier. But after a few months, the length of the meta description is once again reduced by average.

The meta tag was about 160 characters long before December 2017. In December 2017, Google expands the length of it from 160 characters to anything in between 230–320.

Many bloggers or SEOs fall for this and start writing the new meta descriptions of the old and already published posts. Also, they were writing the meta descriptions as per the latest length for their new articles.

But after the expansion in December 2017, Google shortened the meta description once again. Now, suddenly all the SEOs and bloggers were restless as they think, they have to change the meta descriptions once again.

Then comes Google’s official, Danny Sullivan to the rescue of all such SEOs and bloggers. He first of all confirmed the news that —

Our search snippets are now shorter on average than in recent weeks, though slightly longer than before a change we made last December.

Then he further added that you don’t need to worry about editing the meta tags for the older and already published articles. He said —

There is no fixed length for snippets. Length varies based on what our systems deem to be most useful. We were very clear there was no need for people to change meta description tags.

So this means that Google never stated that there is any sort of maximum or minimum characters limit for writing a perfect meta description. It is only the fact that before December 2017, Google only shows the 160 characters in the search snippets and after that 230–320 characters.

And with this all the SEOs and Webmasters consider this to be the standard characters length for writing the meta tags. But Google never ever said anything about it.

Now after the length of the meta description is shortened on average, there is no info on the current length.

Does Meta Description has any effect on Rankings?

All the SEOs and bloggers think too much about the Meta Descriptions. But in reality it is not that much related to the rankings of the site or article. It (meta tag) act as the attraction of the viewers or searchers.

The simple and main function of a meta tag is to make the viewer click on the link.

To be honest, there in no relation between the ranking and meta description. The main purpose of the meta description is to give the viewer an overview about the inside story of the article or site. It tells the viewers what they will find in the whole story if they click the link associated to that meta tag.

How to write the perfect meta description in 2018?

Though there is no relation between the ranking and the meta description but still you have to focus on it as it has nothing to do with the rankings but if the site ranks for any keyword it has the direct relation with the click-through rate.

So, if you write down the perfect meta description for your article or site then there are more chances to get a viewer click on your link. And that is the reason why it is important to write it perfectly.

Now let’s move to the part that is — How to write the perfect meta description in 2018

Google and other search engines clearly say that there is no relation between the search engine rankings and meta descriptions. They never take this in consideration for ranking your site for any query or search result.

1. The Right Length —

First the length was 160 characters, then it became in between 230–320 and now when Google again shortened it there is no info about the right character length. But Google do mention that the new character length is longer than the previous one but shorter than the recently expanded one.

So you can write a perfect meta description in about 160–230 words.

2. Relevancy —

Whenever you are writing a meta tag be sure that there is always the relevancy between the original story/content and the meta description. It is very important because if you write a description about something else to make the viewers click on the link but the inside story is something else, it will surely gonna kill your site. As the bounce rate will increase and Google can also take harsh action on your site.

Get the viewer curious with your meta tag but don’t deceive him/her.

3. Be Unique —

After relevancy the next key technique is being unique. You need to write the different meta descriptions for all your articles. Even if you are writing about the same product, query, or review on your site that you already had written once, you have to write a unique meta tag every time.

4. Focus Keyword —

This is another major part for writing a perfect meta description. Whenever you search something on Google these days, you might have seen that the focus keyword of your query is always highlighted in the search result snippets. And this gives the viewer an idea which site is using the main keyword and which not. And this also helps the site to get good CTR.

5. Solution orientation and Call to Action —

The main purpose of the meta description is to give the viewer a sneak peak into the inside story of the article or link. So try to give the solution of the problem in short so that the viewer will click on the link.

Also, include the call to action words in your meta descriptions. Use the words like learn, read, know, discover, experience, grab. Use these type of CTA words in your description and try to write it in active voice.

So these are the five excellent ways on how to write the perfect meta description in 2018.

I hope that this will help you and also clear many of your doubts regarding the meta description as ranking factor.