is OfferUp Safe or Not

There have been many questions lately about OfferUp. Some people are wondering whether it is safe to perform transaction within the app, and for some they have encountered either scam or legit ones.

So in the post.. I am going to give you some tips for both Buyers & Sellers when it comes to interacting inside OfferUp. (I will also share my secret to make money online)


What is OfferUp?

OfferUp is probably the largest mobile marketplace for local buyers and sellers. The company has its own app inside Google store that looks like the image below.

The app shows a variety of stuff from clothes, furniture, cell phones, electronics, baby and kids items, cars, jewelry, and etc.

So for Sellers, you can put your items in there and start displaying those products to people nearby you.

And for Buyers, all you have to do is browsing. See what kind of things that suit your needs.

Once a buyer finds something good, then he/she can contact the seller to negotiate the price further, asking for the item’s condition, and how long it takes to ship.


OfferUp Safe or Not?

How are you supposed to trust OfferUp app?

Although in the app description, it says that “All communication between buyers and sellers on OfferUp is through the app via secure messaging.”

I would not believe it 100%.

Avoid putting your personal information that is very sensitive. Things such as your Credit Card numbers, important Passwords, & private Videos/Pictures.

Sellers Vs. Buyers Interaction

To avoid being scammed (or worse) killed, make sure to meet in a public place where there are people around. This would decrease the chance of you being taken advantage of.

Also.. For buyer, before you pay the money, make sure the condition of your item is exactly the same to what you saw inside OfferUP app.

You may also ASK if there is any warranty.

I know some people are lazy, and they want their items shipped. You can.. But don’t complain if the item come up looking bad.

It is always recommended that you see/feel the product before you send your money to the seller. Be Smart, not Lazy!

That’s pretty much it for having a safe transaction inside OfferUP.

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Anyway, that’s it on OfferUP. I hope you can have an awesome transaction inside the app. :)