Edyn & The Grow-Off!

Edyn is excited to be a sponsor for The Grow-Off Colorado! All participants should have received a free Edyn Garden Sensor. The organizers have requested that all competitors share their Edyn data with The Grow-Off. We have created a simple tutorial to help you configure your Edyn device to share data.

First, you’ll need a Google (Gmail) account. If you do not currently have one, click here to set one up.

To set up your Edyn device, please visit https://www.ifttt.com/edyn and create an IFTTT account by clicking “Connect”. Then, select “Connect with Google” to link your Google account to IFTTT.com.

When you’re done creating the account, you’ll be redirected back towww.ifttt.com/edyn where you should see the applet called ‘Save Edyn Garden Sensor data to a Google spreadsheet.’

This applet allows you to download new sensor readings to a google spreadsheet. To enable this applet, select the applet from the list of available applets. Toggle the switch to “turn on.” You will then need to enter your Edyn username and password to authenticate your account. Select the name of the Edyn Garden you would like. You can also designate a path within your google drive for the spreadsheet. If you don’t have a google account, you will need to create one and link it to IFTTT.com. Once set up, the applet will automatically create a new google spreadsheet and download new readings to it. Google spreadsheets are limited to 2,000 rows, so the applet will automatically create a new spreadsheet after 2,000 readings. If you have the IFTTT smartphone app installed, you can also elect to receive a push notification every time a new reading is recorded. Please be advised: the IFTTT:Google Spreadsheet integration does not allow us to include column headings in the spreadsheet. You can insert them yourself once you have enabled the applet by opening the spreadsheet in your Google drive. The column order is Date & Time of reading(your local time zone): Light: Temperature: Moisture: Humidity: Battery Level : WiFi Strength (1–5 bars).

LAST AND MOST IMPORTANT STEP: Once your google spreadsheet is set up and recording data, please name and share it with The Grow-Off. To name your spreadsheet, open the spreadsheet in Google Drive, select the title and Name your Google Sheet using your 8 digit MED license number where your competition plant is housed. Tap on ‘share’ in the upper right hand corner. Enter info@thegrowoff.com in the email field to share your garden data with The Grow-Off. You are now sharing data with the Grow Off.

Please contact the organizers with any questions setting up and sharing your Edyn device.

Jake Browne 720–371–2860 Jake@thegrowoff.com

Samantha Sandt 720–325–9835 Sam@thegrowoff.com

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