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The Process of Designing My Own Branding Identity

Edy Pang

Designer’s worst client is him/herself. “Agreed!” I just can’t deny that.

For my own identity, I have made many doodles and logo experiments to pursue perfection — never happened . The way I try to satisfy myself was more like serving a very important client. I planned, designed, revised and repeated many times. Well, I believe some of you also do this kind of behavior.

Previous /// Some logos & concepts I have made before

The process of creating my own identity truly went back and forth with many concepts. You can see some of concept changing on figure above. You might be thinking about how bad I (the client) treat myself (the designer).

But, before you judge me as the worst perfectionist, I actually only put my requirement on 3 things: simplicity, beauty and meaningfully. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as it sounds to accomplish.

Hffft, then when it comes to an end?

It would be bloody hard to finalize this (or whatever project) without first knowing what the essential goal is. So I evaluated myself and found my process was wrong. The goal is not just about making a sparkling and memorable logo. But how this logo could represent my spirit, will, dreams and bla bla bla.

The soul.

Back to my old concepts, I wanted to keep the letter ‘E’ as my base idea. I looked at the new twitter logo. We can see there how the Twitter bird tells you about its spirit to keep flying, to move forward, a confidence, something like that. I also see the same things on Garuda Indonesia and Liverbird logo — yes, I am a Kopite.

Birds and wings inspired logo /// Twitter, Liverbird (Liverpool) and Garuda Indonesia

Look at them, they are visibly philosophical.

I explored the connections of the brand I want to build, something I like and the story (dreams). It drove me to a simple concept: “to present ‘E’ in more dynamic and philosophic style.”

This is what the idea looks like:

Concept /// Representation of main idea for the new logo

Execution Time

Concept /// Composing Curves
Linear /// Color System

Some showcases:

Letterhead /// Simple
Cover /// Book of Portfolio
Getting attention /// On poster and tee

Voila! beautiful result, isn’t it? You may disagree. Hope you like it like I do. Thank you for reading this story.

    Edy Pang

    Written by

    Edy Pang

    Designer, Developer, Human. http://edy.im

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