Women earn less and pay more. The pink tax is sexist!

The pink tax targets women and it is used to fight back for the reason that women make less money and pay more for products. Many women are still unaware of the pink tax. We do not have a choice of the sex we are born into. No woman should have to pay more for products, especially when we make much less money than men.

The pink tax alludes to the additional quantity of money women are paying for purchasing specific items. Women are charged more for dry cleaning, preferring pink products and vehicle maintenance.

Many women are unaware that the pink tax occurs. There are women still being taken advantage of. If shaving creams, deodorant’s, lotions and razors are all compared by sex, women pay more. As simple as same brand razors, and difference in color, means that if you want the pink razor, you pay $5.39 but if you want the blue razor, you can purchase it for only $4.99. Does that sound fair?

The reason women get paid less at a job is because the owner of the company is sexist and believes that it is likely that ALL women will get pregnant and need a maternity leave. So they won’t have to pay us women more money for maternity leave, they just assume that all women will get pregnant and deduct that money we make, to save for a maternity leave that might never occur. The reality of this issue is a motherhood pay gap rather than a gender pay gap. Those women lose that money. The company’s owner is expecting women to get pregnant when not all women want that for themselves. Not all women are interested in motherhood. It is completely sexist to think that all women are interested in motherhood. It is unfair for all women.

Not all women have to have children and form a family. We live in a country where women can be independent.

I cannot imagine how long this pink tax has been occurring. I was one of the women who did not know that women products are more expensive than men products due to color. This issue seemed unfair and impossible to be occurring. I thought to myself, how can this be a fact? Preferring a certain color and being a certain sex should not define what a person should be charged. Especially when women make much less money at a job than men do. I had to learn more about this issue to be aware every time I decide to go shopping. We women are victims of this crisis. That only comes to show how women are still not respected in the 21st century. I truly stand by how women do not need men but men indeed need women. In most cultures, women are raised and taught to make a house feel like a home, yet people have not learned to value women. We deserve much more value and respect than we are receiving.

The questions for the gender pay gap are: What about the women who cannot have children? What if women simply do not want kids? That should not apply to them because they are only losing that money and it is unfair to those women. Of course there are several women who yes, do want children and are in need of that maternity leave. Even then though, it is extremely unfair that we get taxed in case it occurs. For that reason being, they should only allow companies to pay women more. At the time women are working, they need the full amount of money a man would earn for bills and necessities. At the time of the maternity leave, they will actually need that money more. Taking into consideration that women can suffer from excruciating pain after giving birth therefore cannot work to pay their bills. It is in vain for women to be paid less than men for sexist opinions.

Women are gems and society needs to realize that.