When we were kids, we sometimes had nothing to do and we would just make up little games to pass time, discover new things or just let our imagination take us to wherever we wanted it to. It was really okay for us to be bored.

Over time, with built-up responsibilities, pressures accompanied our double-sided coin friend, social media. I and many people around me have lost this comfort around not having to do anything. This manifested in pretend-phone checking when you feel awkward in social situations, binging senseless TV series or even having crippling anxieties about the future. …

As graduation date from university was drawing near, I felt more and more overwhelmed about future and responsibilities. Being a millennial myself, I found the solution in removing myself from the problem as much as I could, which meant traveling to Asia for a couple of months. Mindfulness was the term thrown around in daily conversations wherever I went back home, so I thought I could learn about the concept at one of its sources.

While I was staying in Japan, I got introduced to the practice of mindfulness by regularly meditating with a Zen monk. One day, after another…


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