Hello, world!

Hi, I am Eunjung from South Korea! Nice to meet you all again.

I graduated from university in South Korea with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design. The university I graduated from is, for me, a critical venue not only because it made me spend days agonizing over what design means to me, but because years of there somewhat showed me a certain path to walk through. Especially, in the last semester, I took a course called Interface Design and got to know about several user testing methods -which I call it a fortune in my life since it was that time I had access to a book “Universal Methods of Design” by Bruce Hanington. Indeed, no one from my university taught me the importance of user-centered mind to a designer before I took that course.

After then, I stuck on the idea of user centered mindset and related methodologies which led me to begin a career at a start-up. Working with developers who have apparently different approaches and disciplines with those of mine within our projects, I was thrilled to know that “Designing” should not be processed only within designers’ realm.

Now I think I am, as a grad student in CMU, having a lot of interesting themes that I want to take on as a project. I have to keep figuring out what I really want to be in near future.

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