The Medium Writing Prompt Asks: How do we get more women-led startups funded?

Let the masses have the StartUps. The outliers (including Women) will bring us ChangeUps. Here are 3 examples:

Kate Milliken — My Counterpane

Grace Teo — Open Style Lab

McCauley Wanner — Alleles

Here’s the difference between a StartUp and a ChangeUp:

I’d support a Change-Up over a Start-Up any day.

And yes, while saying Men = StartUp and Women = ChangeUp would be sexist and misguided by my own standards, I do think it is worth noting that not everything that starts up fits a ‘StartUp’ framework and culture. Let’s focus on the outliers, those who are trying to change perceptions and change the world. ChangeUps come from those who are making life more inclusive.

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