7 Subtle iOS 10 Changes You Probably Don’t Know or Haven’t Heard About

Apple released iOS 10 beta for developers in June and the public beta just 23 days after in July 2016. By now most developers and beta testers have seen the new features that iOS 10 brings to the table but here are 7 subtle changes that not everyone might have noticed…

Personal info auto-complete while typing

If you are typing a sentence in any app (stock or third party)using the default iOS keyboard with some wordings that implies contacting you, like “You can reach me at” or “You can email me at” or “call me at” and hit the space bar, you will get a pop up with your associated info. (for your email address to show up, you have to add it to your own contact list first)

Look up phrases with more content

Starting on iOS 10 the “Look Up” feature with text displays more than just definition of a phrase.

Swiping up for photo details in Photos

The Photos app has one of the biggest features now with the addition of the Memories features which organizes your photos automatically using geographical location, days, and advanced image recognition with faces. Swiping up on any photo will now show you more details like time and the location where the photo was taken, other photos taken close to this location etc.

Embedded Camera in iMessage

One of the easier features to notice in a new-feature-heavy iMessage app but it’s very handy as you can now take and send photos with the embedded camera in iMessage input layout.

3dTouch on contact’s initial circle in iMessage

If you happen to directly press only on a contact’s initial circle in iMessage there will be no response as opposed to taking you to the conversation with that contact. That’s because there is a new 3dTouch feature associated with the initial circle in which it will let you see all different ways you can contact that individual (Call,Email,FaceTime,SMS etc.)

3dTouch iMessage reply suggestions

Using 3dTouch on anywhere but the initial circle leads us to the next subtle change, which is quick reply suggestion shortcuts for conversations. Just swipe up after seeing a preview of the conversation

App update pause & prioritization

Last one is the ability to pause and prioritize apps that are in the middle of the update process using 3dTouch.

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