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It’s not a bail out. A bail out is when you takes from the masses to save some entity. In this case, ETH would be returned TO the masses.

The 2008–9 were a redistribution of capital by various means to benefit the few and at the direct expense of the many, sold as helping the many in the long term. That’s a bail out.

A hard fork as proposed here would be the Ethereum community deciding to help itself as a community. The fact that devs have money at risk is not something the community cares about. I know I as an ETH holder don’t. The community cares that basically the entire Ethereum ecosystem is intertwined with DAO holders. DAO holders took their ETH, pooled it for the purposes of building Ethereum dApps that would benefit the entire Ethereum ecosystem and all ETH holders. It didn’t work out, to say the least. But DAO holders are definitely part of the Ethereum community and the theft was a theft from Ethereum ecosystem development. It affects us all.

“ If Ethereum is going to hard fork for theDAO, it should hard fork every time a smart contract is hacked, causing monetary loss. Otherwise, it should never hard fork for the benefit of a third-party.”

This doesn’t follow.

“and are willing to roll back the blockchain in order to save their own $$.”

There is no planned rolled back and one won’t be needed. The hard fork address this by different means that are actually pretty simple. It’s hard to follow but worth reading up on.

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