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QuickBooks Support @ 1 ( 877 ) 227 2303

Are you working with several business owners? Sometime your colleagues need some guidance from your related to business management. If you are agreed to share your business ideas with your colleagues, QuickBooks made it easy. Now you can share your business ideas, swap company files among users through your improved accounting software. It does not matter which version you are using? This amazing feature is available in every version of QuickBooks. The reason to swap company files is to use other’s created template in your company file for easy and worth results. Suppose, your colleague has designed a customer form. You can swap the same with your tax form with him and user his customer form to enter customer details in ease. But how does this swapping work? How far is this successful? How to implement this feature in your company file? Reach us on 1–877–227–2303 to get QuickBooks Support regarding report or file swapping among company files in QuickBooks.