A Cross-Section of Summit Avenue

A collection of photos documenting two peaceful walks down the university street

Standing above a pointy green brush.
House number 1978, and a winding front sidewalk.
Orange sunset hues on the St. Thomas university wall.
A statue keeping warm in front of a corner house.
Street crossing button accompanied by graffiti.
Lion statue stoically guarding a mansion.
Footprints immortalized in the cement by the river.
Two arches and a Catholic angel at the entrance to the university.
Metal deer sitting in the snow in someone’s front yard.

I chose to focus in on Summit Avenue as a whole, a busy college street within convenient walking distance from my house. Unfortunately because of the hectic traffic, old homes and inner-city location, Summit is often seen as a fast and dangerous place, and I wanted to combat that by showing the more homely, warm, accepting side of the street. Although there are a lot of cool tones in the photo, especially in the snow and the sky, the focal points (a statue keeping warm with a scarf, a stone lion protecting a mansion, a warning sign) give the idea of a safe community. I chose to frame my photos in a way where no or almost no people were included to impress upon the viewer a theme of serenity and quietness. Additionally, there were a lot of photogenic statues and buildings, which almost seemed frozen in time, frosted over by the winter snow. Overall, I really enjoyed taking photos of Summit, and I believe it stands out the most out of the otherwise similar and mundane avenues in my neighborhood. It stands as a joint point between many different cultures — young and old, city and suburb, and so on.

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