Tips for an erotic weekend as a couple in Paris

Some addresses and experiences for an unforgettable weekend in Paris.

Paris is well known for being the city of love. While it hosts shows like Moulin Rouge and Crazy Horse, some of the most erotic shows in the world, it also offers some more special venues for couples which are looking forward to spice up their sex lives. If you are planning a weekend with your partner in this marvelous city you should add a little extra spice to your weekend. If you want an extraordinary erotic weekend then I suggest you the following program I did with my wife few month after our wedding.

Tip: Book a hotel or apartment in the city’s artist area Montmartre.


Buy some small bottles of champagne for your trip in the train or flight as surprise. In advance book a table at one of the city’s erotic shows like Moulin Rouge, Crazy Horse or Lido show for the first evening of your arrival. Alternatively you can have dinner in a “chique” restaurant, followed by a drink in Le Carmen.

Club Carmen (


This is where the mystery and thriller starts. Try to sleep as long as you can, as the night will turn out to be an adventure that will need all your senses and maybe physical fitness. Les Chandelles. Note the phone number and address. Make a reservation for dinner for a Saturday evening. Do this prior to your travel as it is busy, you may leave only a voice message. Order a taxi to get there. You won’t find it alone as it is only a black door in a small street. This will not give you guaranteed access to the very impressive luxury club, but you made everything right so far as the man suited up and the lady wears an elegant black dress with high-heels, jewellery and very very sexy lingerie.

Lingerie example by Maison Close (

While you will have a very sexy candle light dinner just the two of you, you will see the intentions of the other couples and guests in the surrounding mirrors of the restaurant.

After the dinner you may visit the basement vault for another drink at the bar. From here on I leave you alone and let you make your own experience. Never forget: a polite no always counts as a no, nothing must happen but everything can happen. That’s most of all the only rules that count here.


Finish off with one of the greatest brunches you ever had in a quite hidden hotel called:

Hotel Particulier Montmartre: 23, avenue Junot, Pavillon D, 75018 Paris

Hotel Particulier Montmartre

Enjoy and grow,

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Originally published at on February 19, 2016.

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