Love is Less Than Three, Stupid!

Are you stupid? Like really, who does that?

I mean what? What do you find stupid?

Of course! Love like this is stupid for you. Love is now a status on Facebook. We need to celebrate love after every month of 'togetherness’. There are uncountable days named after , probably every relationship: daughter, brother, spouse and everything.

Not just love for people.

I love to spend time alone as I sip my cup of coffee in my room with light, dim or none, along with my kind of music. This makes me unsocial right?

So basically it is stupid to love myself?

If I keep loving someone unconditionally, it is stupid, again?

Tagging 20 people with 'constants' written over it is love right? 
Isn't it stupid to make yourself believe that 20 people whom you've met a year back, who need facebook and mobile reminders to send that 'HBD' text, are your constants?

How are the 7 people with whom you shared 2 semesters your priorities
Your starving mother there waits for your call as you surround yourself with smoke along with your priorities at 2am and post your story on Snapchat!

'I love you' has come down to ILY. 
Dinner time is your Family Time.
By a break, you mean an entire Break Up.
'We need to talk' scares people.
Money is more important than relationships.
To share time with someone we need to find time to send that message, asking for that time.
We accepted love ahead of caste, religion, age, sex and the like. But in the process, we let go of love.
Letting go of love is stupid.
Love yourself. Love others. Love the little things that are around you. Love wisely.

It is not stupid to love the idea of love.
Allow Yourself to Create Love. 
Allow Love to Create You.

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