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Thoughts on Rocket One’s BIG BANG

The last time I rocked out to a Faspitch and Urbandub concert was probably ten years ago. I was still in 2nd year college head banging and mosh pitting the stress away from the start of everyday hell that is CDU Nursing pre and post-tests.

That time I always had people to go to concerts with. This time it’s different.
We’re all scattered around the country, heck, the globe. Busy with careers or families. Some just grew out of it. 
“We’re already adults”, one person said.
“Rocking out is not part of #adulting.”


I almost did not go, but I’m glad I did.

There’s no such thing as too old when rocking out to the bands you grew up with.
There’s no shame in jumping and pumping your fists to the beat of the songs you’ve memorized after all those album loops you’ve played.

The hell with your reasons. Most of us jumping and singing along last night were a huge bunch of adults.

Few years back when SonicBoom left, it’s as if it took the concerts away with it too.
This event was different. It was a homecoming.
Through Rocket One, this will help bring back the glory of an honest to goodness large scale concert.

Ten years ago, you have barely enough to buy for a ticket. Today, now that you’re working, it’s the perfect time to support the scene and nurture it.

Because the scene is still fucking alive. 🤘

ps. I had too much fun so I only managed to take two photos(above) haha

Here are photos others took during the concert:

by Juan Carlo De Vela
by Juan Carlo De Vela
by Wendell Good
by Wendell Good
by Wendell Good
by Wendell Good
by Wendell Good

(will update when I find more)

Kudos to Rocket One Music! 🤘