And And You (to Susan S.)

Capture time in between the nooks and crannies
Of your fingers sliding and running
Down my sunburnt back

Destroy all the hopes and dreams
Of the kids playing ball and counting hours
For women like you to love them

Come down here, stay and play
Don’t go now and return
To the rivers where my heart drowns

Stay the night, the morning and the evening
Reading me lyrics of love songs and rhymes
Keeping me afloat by the sound of your voice

Rollercoaster me around town, up and down
Flying real high and carefully low
Between the stretch marks of your thighs

Whisper in my ear and in my neck
About all the times I made you mad and madly in love
I can only hope you’ll forever be

Turn off all the lights and light up all the candles
Smash the TV in and put on some jazzy groove
Let’s just lay here on the floor

Keep me grounded and let me loose
You’ll write our future and I’ll edit out some of the bad
We’ll keep the things that made us better

Just sing in the evening and dance over the morning
Jumping around the house and the neighbourhood
I’ll try to keep up with you

Love words and read them out loud
Sway between the sentences and pay attention
To the world stopping around us

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