Today, we’re pushing for net-zero emissions

Today, September 21, is Zero Emissions Day.

In honor of this day, we are excited to launch the Symbrosia Offsets Program! Now, through a new kind of carbon offset offered by Symbrosia, you can offset your personal emissions and directly support climate-friendly farmers. Your offset purchase goes straight to farmers to subsidize the costs of adding our antimethanogenic seaweed feed supplement to the diet of their livestock.

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Offset your emissions and help livestock get some seaweed! Photo by Symbrosia.

When we power our homes, drive our cars, or eat our food, we’re responsible for greenhouse gas emissions. A carbon offset is anything that prevents greenhouse gas emissions or removes greenhouse gases from…

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” — Albert Einstein

At Symbrosia, we are learning from the natural world in order to save it from the threat of climate change. We’re rapidly scaling up growth of a very special seaweed that, when sprinkled in livestock feed, reduces the methane emissions caused by their digestion by over 90%. These livestock methane emissions account for an alarming 6% of the entire world’s greenhouse gas emissions, more than any nation besides the US and China.

If enough cows, sheep, and goats start snacking on this methane-vanquishing seaweed, it will…

Our thoughts are with all the people around the world whose lives have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Like COVID-19, climate change is a challenge that knows no borders and worsens the longer we wait to confront it. We have chosen to publish this article at this time to drive forward the conversation on climate change solutions since we believe it must not grind to a halt.

The Defining Decade of the Climate Fight is upon us

The latest report from the Global Carbon Project forces us to confront the reality that the last decade was one of continued global emissions increases; In 2019, global CO2 emissions rose by…

Giving to Giveth: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

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Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

2018 was a transformative year for the Giveth Community. From big steps for the Giveth DApp, including winning the superdemo and releasing our beta, to the launch of the Aragon DAC, to the creation of the Unicorn DAC: the Giveth Galaxy has grown, embraced new people and projects, and is shining brighter than ever. Just as 2018 was coming to a close, and it looked like the year could not get any better, Giveth received a late and much needed Christmas gift: an anonymous donation of 285 ETH, or 29,736 DAI! (today’s value). …

The Giveth Unicorns, a group of superheroes working together on projects in the Giveth Galaxy, come from all over the world. This community lives and works in 10+ different countries spread across 6 continents, and is constantly growing. Many other groups of people working on blockchain projects are similarly dispersed.

One challenge for these decentralized teams, as they coordinate many people working remotely, is creating a robust feeling of community among colleagues. These teams work on projects that promote transparency, accountability, and inclusiveness. How can they incorporate these same principles and values into their organizational structure and culture?

What a…

“All the kids here know that they have an Ohana to go back to. That’s something very unique about Urban Surf. I never thought I was going to have a family… and then I [came] here and I met all these wonderful kids and adults who really love and care about us, it’s the best feeling ever. ” — Destiny, US4K participant and volunteer

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The typical scene at a US4K surf camp

On November 10th, from 5:30pm — 10:30pm, Urban Surf 4 Kids is hosting its annual benefit night. The event will be at the Portuguese Hall in Point Loma, with dinner generously provided by Dukes La Jolla…

The 2018 San Diego Global Investment Forum made a compelling case for why Southern California, and San Diego in particular, is a great place to start a company. The area’s universities are graduating an enormous number of STEM majors, the competition for talent is less intense than in other tech hubs, the relatively low cost of living enables startups’ early-stage capital to last longer, and the quality of life is high.

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The San Diego Bay. Photo from Daniel Guerra on Unsplash.

However, the recipe for a thriving entrepreneurial city is complex and varied, and nowhere has all the ingredients. What impressed me most about the Global Investment Forum’s tech and…

How The Maritime Alliance changed my perspective on what our oceans have to offer

I recently moved to San Diego from Seattle to live in a city on the ocean. Many other San Diego residents, whether they surf, sail, fish, swim, or merely enjoy the beaches, are here for the same reason. We love the ocean, but do we ever think about how much concrete value it adds to society?

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© Christoph Karl Pusch / Adobe Stock

It was only when I saw Greg Murphy, the executive director of The Maritime Alliance (TMA), speak at the San Diego Global Investment Forum that I grasped how fundamental ocean…

This article was originally published as a guest post on the Matrix Blog.

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Giveth’s new chatbot in action!

Online or offline, joining a new community always requires some adjustment. Even the most open, inclusive communities have shared knowledge and shared practices which new members learn as they participate.

I recently joined Giveth’s Riot community, where the majority of Giveth’s communication occurs. Immediately upon joining, I received the message pictured above from the Giveth Bot, kindly encouraging me to download Riot mobile and change my notifications to mention-only. The bot shortened my adjustment period by giving me key tidbits of information that everyone in Giveth’s community…

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Social entrepreneurship is on the rise. Echoing Green reports that while social business proposals with for-profit elements made up only 15 percent of their applicant pool in 2006, that number has since risen to nearly 50 percent. And flourishing social businesses have emerged in practically every sector. Despite Amazon’s dominance, BetterWorldBooks has sold or recycled more than 300 million used books, and generated over $27 million to fund literacy programs and libraries in the process. Outdoors wear company Patagonia has given $89 million in grants to organizations tackling local environmental issues, and did an estimated $800 million in sales in…

Eli Etzioni

Passionate about cleantech, social impact tech, biking, and surfing. Currently working as the Strategic Partnerships Associate at Fast Forward in San Francisco.

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