I see the point you’re trying to make, however.
Duncan Geoghegan

  1. what are you on about now? the author is confused about her own writing style? how does that work? why does the boss have such rigid expectations and a desire for such minute control? why wouldn’t he just communicate this directly? why are you and the author’s boss so calloused as to not take into account other people’s lived experiences?
  2. idk where you got the whole “hard-headed non-emotional, kick-ass feminist who does not conform to those girly stereotypes”; it almost sounds like you can only logically organize other people’s lived experience by minimizing exaggerated traits into compartments and juxtaposing them against already existing stereotypes! wow how typical and utterly unself-aware, all at once!
  3. o b v i o u s l y the boss likes “feminine attributes”…until they manifest themselves in the author’s colleagues -- then these attributes are negative and degenerate (buuut they don’t warrant the kind of policing the author’s content receives when the boss “pinkwashes” her work…strange indeed)
  4. i have a feeling this delayed response is more a product of your masculine drive to compete, or at least appear unabashed while entirely still involved, and less to do with your affinity for old Medium comments, as enthusiastic as you are about that
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