Curated Leads for Live Music Event Booking

How Entertainment Professionals can use EEVET to Book Better

Booking live music events involves exhausting amounts of time and energy; making phone calls, sending texts and emails, double-checking multiple event calendars, and reviewing social media profiles in the search to find the best artist or venue for your events. EEVET provides a platform with powerful event booking tools for independent entertainment professionals all in one place.

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Not Enough Hours in the Day

Talent buyers shared with us that they spend well over 50 hours a week solely dedicated to searching for hirable talent. Many artists experience similar time constraints booking events while maintaining a full-time career or juggling multiple jobs. Subsequently, some artists find it difficult to break out of their cities’ walls and therefore remain local for longer than desired.

EEVET provides an efficient and effective solution to directing entertainment professionals away from tedious acts of crawling the web and back to their lives: Curated recommendations.

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Fewer Chores, More Focus On Live Music Business

These days, EEVET’s machine learning algorithms are tuning data for 745 million unique event connections to provide professionals with access to diverse matched opportunities.

Historic and current event data runs through EEVET’s ML to predict the success of events and curate compatible artist and venue matches. Users train EEVET’s A.I. through preference selection for better-curated recommendations. These booking leads are conveniently available on the dashboard of artist and venue accounts.

Once a user chooses a recommendation, they are ready to begin the bidding process to negotiate and approve a fair price. The event admin, aka the person who created the event, will receive all invoices or offers and put their payment into escrow to finalize the booking process.


People who book music can find and create event opportunities with their own curated recommendations. Every event created on is guaranteed payments and service because event funds are held in escrow until released when the event is over.

Artist accounts receive a list of recommended venues to book. 
Venue accounts receive a list of recommended artists to book. 
Promoter and Talent Buyer receive a venue’s recommended artist list upon creating an event.

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Guaranteed escrow payments, public event calendar, and bidding features are included on all accounts.

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