EOFire Turned 5 & is as Hot as Ever — 5 Surprising Ways John Lee Dumas Continues To Set a Whole Nation On Fire

EOFire turned 5 this past September! Almost 5 years in, and Entrepreneur on Fire is as hot as ever! Its host John Lee Dumas is truly a man of extremes. His top ranked and award-winning podcast has the most extensive show notes, the most extensive guest list, and the most extensive open display of monthly revenue streams.

Providing his listeners with a brand new podcast 7 days a week, John redefined the podcasting industry. Far from being the new kid on the block, he’s become the influencer within the world of podcasting.

With more than 100,000 unique downloads a month and close to 1800 podcasts under his belt, John gave rise to an entire podcasting generation, his own podcasting army.

After separating from the military, John started his podcasting journey because he saw a great need.

“There were great podcasts out there, but none that interviewed successful Entrepreneurs daily. I was zipping through months of content in a single week, and I knew that if I were experiencing this problem, chances are others were, too.”

What remains to be answered is the question how he continues to set a whole nation on fire — on a daily basis.

1. He started with a bang, and he continues with a boom.

Most people start small, working their way up the influencer-ladder, especially when they are a complete newbie within a field. Looking at John’s first couple of podcasts, it’s apparent that this was not the route he chose for his business. Pat Flynn was his guest in podcast number 2, followed by Amy Porterfield and Derek Halpern in podcasts 8 and 11, respectively.

John managed to keep up this momentum by interviewing the movers and shakers of numerous industries. The only thing that changed over time is that now they come to him and no longer the other way around.

2. John is extremely efficient.

To be able to keep up with his promise to deliver a daily new podcast, John developed a highly efficient system.

With F.O.C.U.S. as his mantra (Follow One Course Until Success), he releases a new interview with an entrepreneur every single day, yet only records 2 days a week.

3. He keeps the buzz going by guesting on other shows.

15 per month, to be precise. And he knocks those out on one single day each month, scheduling them back to back to back. John continues to put in the work; working the system.

4. He ignites.

His guests, that is. John’s not afraid to show his enthusiasm and passion. Know the awkward guy that ends up being the dude everyone points at on the dancefloor? That’s John — the self-proclaimed weird guy, whose silly moves allow others to feel less uncomfortable, ’cause as long as we don’t act as crazy as ‘this’ guy over there, we’re a-okay.

This really is such a simple concept but so very effective. Even after 1800 episodes, John still asks his guest “Are you ready to ignite?” at the beginning of every show. And he laughs at every joke his guests are making, no matter how often he might have heard it. He is a true conversationalist, making the interviewee feel at ease and comfortable, a perfect breeding ground to speak freely and earnestly, which, in turn results in episodes filled with ‘value bombs galore.’

5. He continues to learn new things that might give him an edge with his podcasting business.

Be it the improvement of his sales funnels, his use of messenger bots, or his affiliate programs with various entrepreneurs. John seeks out mentors and continuously invests in himself, learning from the best of the best.


He continues to provide value to others and builds relationships with his former guests by sharing and retweeting their current successes. And he creates deep and meaningful relationships with his own students. Mentoring up and coming podcasters helps him to grow his following, which, in turn, secures him continued influence within the ever-changing landscape of social media.

Staying in touch has served John well over the years. What happens to entrepreneurs that once were small and now are oh so big? They remember those that have helped them on their way up.

So, what’s next? You’d think with Entrepreneur on Fire, his Podcasters’ Paradise, his starring role in a ‘major’ Bollywood production and appearance on the Price is Right, he has reached his goals. Not so. As an extreme (here’s the word again) history buff, he’s planning on launching his own podcast on history. Get excited, Fire Nation! He’ll see you on the flipside.

Happy 5-year anniversary, John Lee Dumas and Kate Erickson! Here’s to another 1800 podcasts, at least!