How Yung Jake Made an Interactive 360° Music Video

Apr 10, 2018 · 2 min read

VR is becoming an exciting area for artists to create and and share work, and the Sundance film festival has embraced many of these projects with open arms. One interactive project that showed this year at Sundance is Yung Jakes, “On My Way.” For the project, Jake wanted a viewer to be able to look around a scene and have it change each time a viewer looks at the front of the car. Each time the scene changed the viewer would have no way of knowing until they look back where they were before.

To create this work, Yung Jake worked with Mssngpeces and Regge Watts to film the project in 360 video. They needed a way to to make the project interactive but they didn’t want to use game engines, as the goal was to have the project be streamable. To accomplish this goal, the team turned to eevo.

By using eevo, the team was able to create seamless transitions between two 360 videos. Each video would be triggered when a viewer looked at the front of the car and the transition would be unnoticeable. The music for the video would also continue to play seamlessly through out the transitions to ensure a good experience for the end user.

The content will be live on the Google play store soon for viewing.

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