Eezy Developments Launches APP for Visual Velocity

In this age of technology and information, there is an APP for just about anything. From helping you to organize your life, your grocery list, sync your to-do-list with your spouse’s and even read to your children. If you are one of those “super organisers” who document anything and everything or you need some organizing in your life, Eezyfile is the solution. Meet the one of the first interfaces where you can organize your life, visually.

We live in an imagistic world, and we all love to document our lives through photographs. From screenshots of recipes, photos of a paint swatch we like, and what about taking pictures of a shirt you like, or that car you dream of buying? With the dawn of Instagram and smartphones, we truly have been in our element as a species, as we move through life by way of images; a pictorial adventure of sorts; and there is real science behind why. It comes down to the way our brains receive and transmit information, and like anything in this era of instant gratification; it is all a matter of speed.

A Picture is Worth 60,000 words

Studies* have shown that 90% of the information that is sent to your brain is visual, while 93% of all human communication is visual. In this race, text just cannot compete; especially when the brain processes images 60,000 times faster than it does words. Granted, we all know that the love of images is as old as time itself, but it’s the speed at which humans are now communicating that is a more recent development, and our dwindling attention span. We want things to be fast, simple and now!

Cue Eezyfile. A revolutionary APP that truly understands how humanity consumes, saves and shares information: on the go. An APP that is shifting real-life action through your mobile device.

See a paint swatch you like? Don’t just photograph it and leave it sitting in your 2,000+ photos stored on your phone, only to forget about it moments later. Snap it with Eezyfile. Save it and store it in a folder for “Home Improvements” or even a “Wish List.” Now, sitting safely in the cloud, your photo will be available to share, or to mull over when you add more elements to that same folder.

What about safely storing your personal information like birth certificates, passport copies, warranties and the like? Eezyfile it! Sure, there are APPs out there to save and store personal information. Just like there are APPS to photograph your wish list or to do list items. And let’s not forget APPs for home improvement items and grocery lists. But is there an APP that does all of this, quickly? Simply? One click on a button and everything you will ever need stored securely, and ready to be shared. What about one that not only stores the image, but reminds you when the warranty will expire?

We live in an age driven by technology and electronics; almost all of which come with some kind of warranty or guarantee,” shares Friedel Weihe, founder of Eezy Developments and the mastermind behind EezyFile. “This APP bridges the gap between our electronic interface and old style paper documents. Snap a picture of your warranty after purchase and EezyFile not only ensures you never lose your warranty, it reminds you when your warranty is about to expire.”

Visual Velocity

13 milliseconds* is all it takes your brain to process an image, which scientists show has increased eight times in the past decade, proving that our brains are adapting to working faster and simpler. If you love photographing wish list items and organizing your thoughts, the things you have to do, books you should read, and even what colour you will paint the garage walls this weekend, Eezyfile is your personal assistant to handle all of life’s nuances. Combining organization and visual storage all in one sleek package, you can share images and folders with others and have conversations about them.

“EezyFile has strong search capabilities, as each image is tagged under various headings that you select, acting as a secure album to keep your thoughts, dreams and wish lists, organized and alive,” Weihe concludes.

Currently the APP is available on Android in the Google Play Store, with the IOS version launching soon.

*Study conducted by MIT

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