Biological Warfare

Why doesn’t our military use biological warfare? Many have no idea what biological warfare even is. And to be completely honest with you I have never heard of it before until someone in my class had to explain it to me a million of times…. literally. According to google, biological warfare is the use of toxins of biological origin or microorganisms as weapons of war. Now if you’re like me I don’t even know some of the words in the definition which honestly defeats the purpose of a definition. But in easier terms it is just the military use of chemicals, bacteria, viruses, toxins, or poisons to injure or kill soldiers or civilians. Even purposely under cooking someone’s food counts as biological warfare. More commonly types of biological warfare is the use of smoke, flares, flamethrowers, and napalm.

I don’t exactly have a problem with some of the techniques that can be used in biological warfare but I’m not for many either. Using the technique to start and spread of disease could infect the whole area you wanted infected and maybe more. There gets to a point where you can’t control it until it’s just too late. Innocent people and our own may get infected then it’s hurting both sides. I don’t have a problem with using smoke, though. This will probably not kill the enemy but will slow them significantly. When using biological warfare means the enemy is going to retaliate fast and worse.

Biological warfare isn’t what we should turn to first. Say if someone bombs us then yes we could retaliate with it. We could use smallpox or anthrax which are containable and treatable in the area. Biological warfare takes a longer time to put in effect than just bombing someone. It’s also harder to work with because one thing goes wrong it could kill its whole population and much more. To be completely honest I don’t follow the news nor do I have any interest in joining the military because I wear hearing aids in both my ears. Therefore, the military wouldn’t go very good for me and I don’t have to worry about these war tactics as much.

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