EF is the world’s leading talent investor. We invest in founders before they are founders. We invest before they have a team and usually even before they have a validated idea. Since the inception of EF in 2011, we’ve worked with over 1200 founders. They have gone on to found over 140 companies, collectively worth over $1.5B. However, if you apply too late — you might miss the deadline and lose out on the chance to impact the world.

Startups — maximising the impact of the most talented people

We believe that for many people, starting a company is their most effective way of impacting the world. We want to make starting a company accessible to the people with the highest potential impact. …

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Entrepreneur First is launching a nationwide competition to find the next generation of engineering leaders in the UK. In collaboration with the Royal Academy of Engineering, we have created the Future of Engineering Prize, awarded to one talented engineer who thinks ambitiously about their potential to shape the future.

With a focus on emerging technical talent, the competition is open to:

  • Student engineers (studying an Engineering or Computer Science subject)
  • PhD candidates and early career researchers.
  • Junior engineers working in industry

10 of the very best applicants will be selected by a Selection Panel in April 2017. The Panel is led by Suranga Chandratillake (FREng, General Partner of Balderton Capital), and Wendy Tan White (General Partner, Entrepreneur First). Joining them is also Eric Yeatman (Head of Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Imperial College London) and Elspeth Finch (Founder of Indigo& and Enterprise Hub Mentor). …

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Here at EF, we are finishing 2016 on a high note by kicking off our Female Founders series. Every fortnight we’ll be interviewing one of our female founders from across the EF portfolio. This week, we spoke to Alina Colceag from EF7.

Why did you want to join EF?

I was keen to combine my creative mindset with my analytical side. I studied two degrees at the same time; Computer Science and Graphic Design.

In my second year of uni I found a co-founder, we started designing and developing our own project and we were actually making money. …

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The results of the US election were a big shock for all of us at Entrepreneur First. For many in our community, the outcome is profoundly disturbing and disorienting.

It’s tempting in situations like this to withdraw into our echo chamber — but we know that would achieve nothing. We are entering an era of politics, in the US and in the UK, and perhaps globally, where conventional politics is not likely to achieve much progress on climate change, social cohesion or global justice, among other things. …


Entrepreneur First

We invest in the best engineers and computer scientists and support them to build world-class startups in London and Singapore.

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