6 Challenges of the future of Reputation and Trust
Juan Cartagena

Hi Juan,

Lots of good questions, thanks. I’m not really sure there can be an easy answer to this business of reputation.

I worked many years in the film industry, in LA, Copenhagen and Paris. Wonderful world! I have met a huge number of people; artists, producers, technicians, managers, money people, ambitious people, talented people, just really nice simple people, etc…

I am mildly known, and so of course, I have a reputation, built up throughout the years and the projects and studios. I can safely say that most people I worked with would just tell you that I was “fine” as a team member. Then you’d have a good size group who really appreciated me (a lot!) and who would do anything for me. And of course there are a good number who would prefer to quit if they had to work with me again!

Curiously, I’m just “me”, and I feel strongly that I’ve always treated people fairly and in an equal manner. So why this great difference in opinion towards me and my efforts?

I actually feel all these people have real and sound reasons for their feelings towards me. The negative ones are not “bad” people. They may have had their own agenda or expectations and I popped up straight out to contest their actions.

Am I a “good” guy? or a “bad” one. What opinion survey, or satisfaction rating would give you an accurate picture of me? What algorithm can give you an accurate picture of me and my skills without getting lost at one extreme or at the other?


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