Women in America comprise 51% of the population. A majority. Yet, in this Trump presidency, that majority has almost no representation — no women in the White House fighting for women’s rights (Ivanka doesn’t count, I’m speaking of elected, credentialed, appointed, female career politicians), virtually none in the cabinet, and very few in the Republican Senate. On top of that, this president has a horrendous reputation for demeaning and degrading women in the worst kind of language. I will be accused of relitigating the Hillary is best for American women issue here, but yes I am, and yes she is. Plus, it’s about damn time!
The Case For Making Hillary Clinton President — And Not Mike Pence — After Trump Is Impeached
Allan Ishac

“Trump presidency has no female representation” etc…you say that you are speaking of “elected”…isn’t that contradictory — how is that who people previously voted is “Trumps fault?” Aren’t senators elected as well? Weren’t the senators elected before Trump was? Doesn’t Trump hire more women in his businesses than other politicians? Didn’t he have the first-ever woman campaign manager? Doesn’t HilLiary wish she would have had a woman running hers?

Are you saying HilLiary, a known and proven “woman-silencer” and a proven protector of molesters and rapists (including her ‘husband’) would be a women’s right activist, or would be successful in retroactively disguising herself as one?

Are you saying people should vote for someone based on their genitalia?

Are you disclosing that you’re sexist? Should I vote for someone and also urge others to as well, because that person has ‘man parts?’ What happens to my vote if he decides to get a sex-change? :)

I’m just wondering, so that if I’m talking to a blaming, intolerant sexist having difficulties living in the world (don’t we all have our problems) that I’ll know how to properly and accurately address them?


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