Creative Interview #1: Ashley Johnson, Visual Artist

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Aug 5, 2018 · 3 min read

I’m excited to have Ashley Johnson, a very talented Visual Artist as the first in the series of Creative Interviews.

One of the main things I wanted to do with the interview series, is to keep all of the answers short and Tweetable if possible. Please get inspired and highlight and Tweet any of these fantastic answers!

Ashley Johnson, Visual Artist (aej.create)

My first creative outlet was dance. As a kid I played with Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs, origami, my spirograph and was really into boondoggle. @aejcreate

My emotional struggles dictate my work. It shifts as I try to solve my problems through my creative outlet (currently painting and origami). @aejcreate

Find a healthy way to be vulnerable, be open to constructive criticism, and fuck what other people think. @aejcreate

I admire Georgia O’Keeffe, Janine Antoni, Marina Abramovic, Carmen Herrera. Locally: Ani Hoover, Alyssa Capri, Sarah Meyers, Chuck Tingley. @aejcreate

As creatives, we can do a better job of using our power for the greater good and approach problems from new angles- way outside that box. @aejcreate

I’m at a crossroads with my work, but I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and trying my hand at new media. Look out for large-scale origami! @aejcreate

I pick a playlist based on my mood and get to it. My creative process is a full-sensory experience. There’s always a lot going on. It’s fun. @aejcreate

You can find me (and my work) at a bunch of events this summer!

July 6 — August 18

Members’ Exhibition #3: BIG TIME, a group exhibition at El Museo, 91 Allen St, Buffalo, NY

Opening Reception Friday, July 6th, 7pm-9pm.

July 13 — August 25

Members’ Exhibition, a group exhibition at Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center, 341 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY

Opening Reception Friday, July 13th, 7pm-10pm.

July 28 & 29

Glen Park Art Festival, Glen Avenue between Mill and Rock Streets, Williamsville NY

Event runs 10am-5pm both days.

August 1

A Midsummer Night’s Draw: Drawing Rally & Silent Auction at Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center, 341 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY

Event is one night only, 7pm-10pm.

August 4

Jack Craft Fair, Outer Harbor, Buffalo, NY

Event runs 11am-5pm.

August 11 & 12

Lewiston Arts Festival, Center Street, Lewiston, NY

Event runs 10am-6pm August 11th, and 10am-5pm August 12th.

August 25 & 26

Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts, Buffalo, NY

Event runs 10am-6pm August 25th, and 10am-5pm August 26th.

Creative Interview #1: Ashley Johnson, Visual Artist

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