Creative Interview #4: Jim Cielencki, Photographer, Freelance

I’m enthused to interview Jim Cielencki, freelance photographer.

One of the main things I wanted to do with the interview series, is to keep all of the answers short and Tweetable if possible. If you feel inspired while reading this, please feel free to highlight and Tweet any of these awesome answers!

Jim Cielencki, Freelance Photographer

web: • insta: jimcielencki

What is one of your first memories of being creative?

When I was 13, I added a new part to my BMX bike that opened the floodgate of new tricks I could do. Learned already created tricks, but also tricks that hadn’t been. I realized that my mind was drawn to go beyond what had already been done. The lure became what might be possible. @jimcielencki

What drives you to be creative? ( Over time)

Having a direction or even a somewhat vision. The direction doesn’t have to be an endpoint just a way to move. Making an effort to learn, being open to new ideas and influences is key. It’s an amalgamation of influences that you put your own spin on at the end. @jimcielencki

What advice would you give to struggling Creatives, or even your younger self?

A book is made of chapters, write chapters. Each series, style, or even years contributes to a larger body of work, don’t fret about whether a series fits in the larger body of work. No one sees the whole body just pieces of individual chapters. @jimcielencki

Who/what inspires you/who do you admire? (Artist, comedian, designer, director, friends, family, nature, film, etc)

There’s probably so many people that do what I do, but I barely know them. Inspiration for me comes from history and trying to discover remnants of that history in the real world. Terry Evans and Edward Burtynsky are photographers that I do like. @jimcielencki

How can creativity fix some of the world’s problems?

Imagination is a sense of openness and accepting that we don’t know everything, there’s always more to learn. This humility is the mindset that we need to solve the world’s problems. @jimcielencki

Working on any fun projects?

I’m playing around with short videos of industrial or minimalist type locations. Made two so far, first was based on rowboats in a lake and the second was a descent into 26 different smokestacks in the City of Buffalo. Revisiting the Mile by Mile Buffalo project this month for a upcoming show. @jimcielencki

Do you create in silence or have music, podcasts playing in the background?

Capturing photos for me often involves me drinking coffee while listening to NPR in my car as I fly places to see what they look like from above. @jimcielencki

Anything else you’d like to share?

I like the freedom that is given when realizing that your first idea is never the good one. Ideas will always evolve and develop into better ideas. Usually, starting is the hard part because you may not know what to do or your fear that it won’t be any good, but knowing that a better idea is always found beyond the first idea allows you to start. When everyone’s first idea is bad then you don’t have to worry about your idea. @jimcielencki

Creative Interview #4: Jim Cielencki, Photographer, Freelance

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