Creative Interview #5: Scotty of Perspective Collective

I’m delighted to have had the chance to interview Scotty Russell of Perspective Collective!

One of the main things I wanted to do with the interview series, is to keep all of the answers short and Tweetable if possible. If you feel inspired while reading this, please feel free to highlight and Tweet any of these awesome answers!

Scotty Russell of Perspective Collective

web:• insta: Prspctv_cllctv

What is one of your first memories of being creative?

Back when I was a young lad in kindergarten, I remember getting my hands on some neon green and orange crayons. I took those crayons drew a dragon made of squiggly lines and balls. From then on, drawing became an obsession…and I still like dragons too. — Scotty Russell

What drives you to be creative? ( Over time)

There’s 2 things that drive me to be creative:
1. The ability to take an idea or vision and bring it to life.
2. The ability to create change, make an impact and speak up for those you aren’t
able to. It’s a superpower if you think about it. — Scotty Russell

What advice would you give to struggling Creatives, or even your younger self?

Stop trying to be pizza and please everyone. Stay in your own lane by creating what you think is dope. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, wave your freak flag and strive to find your style and voice. Over time, you’ll attract the right people to your tribe…oh ya, be kind and don’t be a dick. — Scotty Russell

Who/what inspires you/who do you admire ? (Artist, comedian, designer, director, friends, family, nature, film, etc)

What inspires me is seeing people who have the odds stacked against them relentlessly grind to make their dreams happen. They don’t let excuses or adversity distract them for the prize. There are tons of creatives who inspire me but one of my biggest idols that fit this mold would be Kobe Bryant. #GoLakers — Scotty Russell

How can creativity fix some of the worlds problems?

I mentioned it previously before but creatives can use their skills to contribute to a bigger purpose. Good, strategic design has the ability to inspire, create change and bring people together instead of dividing and tearing each other down. — Scotty Russell

Working on any fun projects?

I believe in don’t stop working when the work stops. Between the podcast, freelance, new merch and some side projects, the work never stops but it also never feels like work. I probably could’ve just said yes. Everything I do under the Perspective-Collective umbrella is fun as hell. — Scotty Russell

Do you create in silence or have music, podcasts playing in the background?

All the above but I have different methods for different occasions.
I usually work in silence in the mornings for complete focus.
I’ll listen to podcasts or audiobooks when my brain is hungry and I’m doing mindless tasks. I’ll vibe to music when I want to get completely lost in the sauce with my work. — Scotty Russell

Anything else you’d like to share

The biggest things I’ve learned over the years is that:
- you’ll never be perfect so stop try to be — done is better than perfect
- hard work + consistency + persistency = how to make shit happen
- always focus on how you can give more than you receive — Scotty Russell

Creative Interview #5: Scotty Russell of Perspective Collective

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