Creative Interview #6: Corinne Henderson of Tangled Records

I’m excited to have had the chance to interview Corinne Henderson of Tangled Records!

One of the main things I wanted to do with the interview series, is to keep all of the answers short and Tweetable if possible. If you feel inspired while reading this, please feel free to highlight and Tweet any of these awesome answers!

Corinne Henderson of Tangled Records

web: • insta: tangledrecords

What is one of your first memories of being creative?

Coloring books, learning to draw animals from a children’s dictionary my Father gave me, and building villages with Legos. — @tangledrecords

What drives you to be creative? ( Over time)

My emotional state of mind. Art is my therapy. It has gotten me through some tough times and inspired me to explore new projects. My brain is on overdrive at times. @tangledrecords

What advice would you give to struggling Creatives, or even your younger self?

Creativity takes time. It will come and go. When it’s there: create, create, create. When it is not, explore other parts of your life that need some attention. It will come back and you will create some things you never thought you could. @tangledrecords

Who/what inspires you/who do you admire ? (Artist, comedian, designer, director, friends, family, nature, film, etc)

Music is my biggest inspiration. I wish I could be musically talented but I am not. I can make art from the music I listen to and feel. I have the ability to bring music to life. @tangledrecords

How can creativity fix some of the worlds problems?

We are all creative beings. It’s all about finding your “thing”. If the world explored creativity more, we would get out what’s inside us as a healthy outlet. @tangledrecords

Working on any fun projects?

On top of creating custom records and finishing up my mannequin series, I’m learning how to make time lapse videos. A few bands in Buffalo and Rochester want to do collaboration with my art and their music. This is part of my 2019 plans. @tangledrecords

Do you create in silence or have music, podcasts playing in the background?

It depends. I find myself working in silence most of the time. I normally have Netflix on in the background to have some noise. I get so wrapped up in my work that I don’t really notice what’s going on around me. @tangledrecords

Creative Interview #6: Corinne Henderson of Tangled Records

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