Health & Creativity: Health & Life Coach

Recently I spoke with a Health and Life Coach, Stephanie Jackson. Our Hour and Half session turned into almost more than 2 Hours. I’ve been making a lot of Health and Lifestyle changes over the past few years. I think they are starting to pay off, but I still feel like I can make more changes.

But what does this have to do with my creativity? Well I would insist everything. Not that anyone wants to feel bad or depressed, but I’ve heard some creatives say that they are much more creative when they are more or less in bad shape (ie, feeling depressed etc). But I firmly believe that the better I feel, the more freely I can create. It takes energy to create and think of ideas, just as it takes energy to to go for a jog.

Speaking with Stephanie was great! She’s reminded me of 2 really powerful things that I think most Independent Contractors/Artists/Entrepreneurs need to be reminded of -

  1. Everything is Connected! The Body, the Mind, the Gut, Happiness, Fulfillment…everything is connected. This is good to remember. A lot of Functional Medicine Practitioners are talking about this lately. Not treating each part of the body as separate, but as one unit that must function in harmony, together.
  2. You only have so much time in a week, and you can’t do it all. How can you free up blocks of time so you can use that time to focus on creative endeavors.

Stephanie offered me a lot more than this and everyone is highly personalized. So I’m just offering some of the points that I think creatives struggle with when trying to juggle starting their own business, working a day job, relationships and health.

When I told Stephanie about all of the things I want to do (Improve/Fix my Physical and Mental Health, get EF Creative to the point where it can really grow and take off, start dating again), she quickly saw that everything else in my life was taking away from these things. Or that I just plain wasn’t paying enough attention to my Business and my Health. For instance, I’ve been meaning to go to a Yoga class for years and still haven’t.

I believe if I can develop a steady Yoga habit, that I can tame my wild cluttered mind, which will help me develop EF Creative into the creative juggernaut that I want it to grow into. Also Yoga is such a good way to undo a lot of the Office related damage we’ve all done to our backs, wrists and necks over the years.

If you are struggling with time and focus, working with someone like Stephanie can really help put a plan into perspective. She is a master tactician when it comes to looking at the big picture and breaking it down by time, goals, values and how they are all intertwined. To learn more about Stephanie Jackson check out her info here: The Freedom to Live

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