Why is everyone talking about Passion and what is yours?

It seems like there are a lot of artistic and inspirational quotes floating around on the likes of Instagram and Facebook. Inspirational at best and perhaps groan-worthy at their worst. Out of these quotes, a lot of them seem to focus on PASSION.

We often hear things like:

“Find your Passion and follow it!”

Some of these Quotes seem generic at times and at other times, they almost are urging the reader to recklessly throw caution to the wind…..

So we have some extremes with these messages. And as much as some of these quotes may bug you and I, ultimately some of these speak a lot of truth.

The truth they speak to us resonates in the form of some kind of consciousness. I believe this “passion movement” could be one of these phenomenons that will be looked back upon. Like a the trends that our parents generation went through before us. This era may be an era of Passion. Or the era of Entrepreneurship.

People’s inner voice are waking up.

Think about this. Most people go to college and don’t do much with their degree. As in they usually don’t have a profession that remotely matches their major. And this is fine.

Other times, people go to school for something lucrative and just don’t like the act of doing said thing. Maybe the actual work in the field is too different from the educational aspect.

Either way, we as a generation are starting to feel some kind of urge to think outside of the box.

Have you felt this personally or with any friends or family members?


So what is your background? What lead up to this point where you felt like your life should be in a different place?

Personally, I grew up in a pretty creative household. My Mother was always creating, drawing, painting, writing. She used to just sketch and doodle while on long phone calls. And my Father always played guitar in his freetime.

My parents still do these things to this day.

I loved drawing as a kid and my parents and teachers saw this. So I pursued a lot of art classes, even outside of normal class hours. Later in high school and throughout College, I played in many bands.

If you fast forward to today, I still really enjoy creative outlets. My favorite way to draw now is in Adobe Illustrator. And one of my favorite things in the design realm are infographics.

The Path

The path getting here was not linear by any means. It took years to get to where I am now. I’ll tell you what helped in making the decision to figure out what I liked best about art and design.

  • Talking to other creatives (in all fields).
  • Experimenting.
  • Working in the Design field.
  • Collaborating with friends.

It doesn’t start or end with this list though.

The list above really did shape and mold things for me. Talking to people on things like the difference between art and design, working at a few design jobs that I didn’t like and working on some creative projects with friends showed. These all showed me a variety of things I liked about creativity, as well as things I would prefer to avoid. But it all took time and asking a lot of questions.

Pros and Cons

Sometimes, honestly the cons helped me choose a new path. I know this sounds negative, but once in awhile knowing what you don’t enjoy will actually push you in the direction of what you do like. Or, it can even push you toward a fork in the road.

The Fork in the road is a blessing and curse

I say this because I was stuck at the fork for almost a year. I was trying to decide between specializing with Icons or Infographics. It felt paralyzing to make decision. I’ve talked to many creatives lately who are stuck in the same boat, having love for multiple disciplines.

But I urge you to start talking to other creatives, this will make your thought process, struggles and decisions much more clear.

The more you live a vacuum, the more you’ll get stuck.

Take Action and finding a Niche

Putting in some work is going to help you make an informed decision. You are essentially informing yourself of the pros and cons by doing. Choosing a niche through what you are passionate about is a huge decision. I think really helps to choose a niche. Think about the fact if you broadcast everything you know how to do creatively is confusing to others and won’t sharpen your specific skills.

I will probably bring up Sean McCabe a lot in the Blog, but he did open up my eyes to a lot of these ideas. Sean talks about choosing a Niche and curating your creative discipline, because people will put you into a box. Check out his amazing video on the subject HERE.

Personality Type

Knowing your personality type can give you some self awareness on decision making. Some personality types take a lot longer to make a decision. That’s me. So I know I need some help from others and to do some introspection.

But perhaps you make decisions too fast based on your personality type. This could get you in some trouble. Perhaps writing and meditation in some combination can help you slow down the process and make some safer decisions that will last the test of time.

Do you know your Personality type? This is a great resource, especially if you are a visual person!


So discovering, following and developing your passion can be incredibly fulfilling. It is something to be taken seriously if you consider yourself to be a creative. Or maybe you just want some fulfillment in your life and often think about your next big project or goal.

Taking the time to carefully discover what you enjoy about different styles of work and creative disciplines, could just be the next long term journey you need to embark on. 
What is your passion? Do you have one? Do you have multiple sources of passion? Let me know by contacting me HERE.