Can Dündar is not a Journalist (and my thoughts on the attempted coup)

Today I read Dündar’s latest article on the attempted coup in Turkey, which you can find here:

I know he’s the favorite Turkish journalist of every non-Turkish reader, but he’s far from a legitimate source. To understand why I’m saying this, first you have to understand that there are three strong groups in Turkey in this fight.

  1. The AKP government
  2. The Gülen cult (lead by the Islamic Cleric Fethullah Gülen who lives in USA)
  3. The PKK separatist supporters (their militia, political parties, media etc).

And there are of course other groups, like Kemalists like me who are just trying to make a living with no secret plot whatsoever.

I already wrote about the dynamic of those 3 groups and why they’re not cool together in this article:

Right now we have (GÜLEN+PKK) Vs AKP. So, why Can Dündar can’t be considered a journalist, is simply because he works for Gülen/PKK side. Which means he’s BOUND TO write from Gülen’s point of view. And that’s exactly what he’s doing.

People always tend to think, in a conflict there’s always a good side vs an evil side, which actually is rarely the case. When Dündar got arrested, every foreigner pitied and rooted for him. Think about it. “A journalist got arrested by a dictator.” It’s the perfect Hollywood good guy, right? Well in reality, it was just another gang war between AKP and Gülen. Some believe Dündar had some information to undermine Erdoğan, others believe this was all staged to make him a hero, which is very possible now that we found out there were many judges and policemen who belongs to the Gülen cult, and the fact that they simply released him after 92 days. Either way, back in the day, when Kemalist officers were arrested wrongfully of “plotting a coup”, this guy said he’s not going to support them because “the military undermined democracy before, and now they’re seeking help from us? Go seek support somewhere else.” Yeah the problem with this analogy, is that NOT EVERY OFFICER IS PLOTTING A COUP. This is like me being wrongfully arrested for rape, and him saying “oh you should have thought about it before raping”. That’s a dick move in itself, but now that we know why he made that stupid analogy. After the officers were found not guilty, we also found out that the accusation was made by the Gülen cult. So that’s even a dicker move bro. That’s even a dicker move.

I can show more evidence why he’s working for the Gülen/PKK side, but I don’t want to digress. I wanna come to the important part. Fethullah Gülen cult is the single most powerful cult in Turkey, supported by the US dollar. Gülen escaped Turkey because he was convicted of “trying to overthrow the secular government and build an Islamic state”. Right now he’s in Pennsylvania, controling the cult. Yes my Islamophobic westerner friends, this guy is protected by the American government, right fucking now. And you’re still wondering, why does everyone hate USA? Well, I guess everyone’s got their own reasons.

And here’s what people like Can Dündar won’t tell you. In Turkey, the governments come and go, the one thing which doesn’t change is every government had to get the approval of Fethullah Gülen until now. Because he had so much vote potential, if he didn’t approve a party, that party wouldn’t be able to win. When AKP came to lead, it was made possible by the Gülen power again. The secular Turkey became more and more Islamic, and more and more under USA’s control. “USA is against radical Islam”? That’s bullshit. USA and its ally countries love radical Islam. Because radical Islam means you can control the whole country by controlling a few clerics. Check out the middle eastern Muslim countries yourself. Which one became more secular after the westerners brought “democracy”? None of them. They always got worse.

Which brings us to why USA wants control over Turkey in the first place.

  1. To use Turkey’s key military bases as their own.
  2. To “Iraqise” Turkey. Split it into pieces and gain total control over them. Split the south-east of Turkey, making the Kurdistan region a legit country which already has great sympathy for US, even putting the American flag near the Kurdish one, for helping them out against ISIS (BTW who put ISIS there? Where did those guys come from? Who knows.)
    And of course, to get even more land from the east to expand Armenia, having yet another base (probably against Russians) and more importantly, a strong Christian ally in the middle east. This is why they care so much about the Armenian genocide to the point of making shit up, and hiding whatever information which is not convenient. Here’s my article about the topic:

So, Can Dündar claims right now there is a witch hunt going on in Turkey. Because so many schools and charities got shut down, so many people got arrested, it has to be a witch hunt, right? Actually, this only show how powerful Gülen cult is. In my podcasts, for people who are waiting for Erdoğan to be gone, I was always saying “that’s not what you should be worried about, because democracy is just a word. He will probably be overthrown by a coup or something similar. We should be worried what comes as a replacement.” I knew this, because it happened many times before. If a Turkish government becomes too strong and turns against USA, they get overthrown. The only difference is, this time they failed. I believe it was because Erdoğan saw what we saw. He gave the names of Gülen followers to the military, so that they can be purged. Gülen followers in the military panicked and tried to stage a pre-mature coup, and screwed up.

You guys have to understand, for Turkey this is HISTORY. It’s the day when USA lost total control over Turkey. I was always wondering how long can Erdoğan resist the Gülen cult, but he actually waged straight-up war. And every party who’s against Gülen is supporting Erdoğan in this. I even get some news that the Kemalist leader Doğu Perinçek is advising him, and Kemalist officers are going replace the Gülen ones. I don’t know if this is true, but Erdoğan has to get support of someone, now that his once huge ally is his biggest enemy. I would say this is true if in the near future we see Erdoğan praising Kemalism, and also doing very radical things only Perinçek would advise, like making up with Bashar al-Assad. Either way, be prepared for some good old western media pounding on Turkey. Whenever you see some news about the evil Turks, or Russians, or Muslims, you should also consider this. Maybe it’s you who’s the bad guy. After all, who else also thought they should spread and control as much land as they can, because the world is out to get them? (clue: got a funny moustache)

Back in the day, you would have to be a Gülen supporter in order to get into some positions. Even the workers in some factories, or some government officers were forced to subscribe to Gülen newspaper “Zaman”, or they’d be fired. If Gülen saw you as a threat, he’d accuse you and jail you because he owned many judges. The guy was the nation-wide Tyler Durden, thanks to the American dollar. You have to understand, there’s no way to remove a cult like that by “democratic means”. That’s why the panicked Dündar calls it a “witch hunt”.

By the way, how’s democracy working for you Trump Vs Clinton?