Is Erdoğan Actually Oppressing the Minorities?

Efe Aydal
Efe Aydal
May 10, 2016 · 9 min read

So you being the westerner, I’m guessing this is how you see things in Turkey: Erdoğan is a bad leader who oppresses the minorities and the press, and he must be replaced. I see this in foreign media all the time. These are times when I’m glad I was born in Turkey, because I like knowledge and you’re gonna have lots of it, things you thought you knew. Except for the part that he actually is bad. Hell even I got sued for “insulting the prime minister” and I carry it around proudly like a badge. But for exactly the opposite reason. He’s not oppressing the minorities. That’s not his problem.

In order to understand what’s happening in Turkey, let’s go back a little. When akp came to power in 2002 like a hurricane, we knew somethng was up. Because media was crazy about him. It was obvious that so much money was spent on his campaign. By the way, you know that’s what democracy is right? Whoever can spend the most money can rule the country. Akp had a very strong alliance with the cult leader Fethullah Gülen and his group, who lives in USA. Also, for the first time, terrorist group pkk-connected politicians and their party entered the parliament, in the name of “representing the Kurds”. It’s just like the nephew of the ISIS leader entering the parliament in USA, in the name of “representing the Muslims”. Please make note that whatever your press tells you (freedom fighters, etc), pkk is a terrorist group. I’m not discussing this with you. I’m telling it to you. In the 90’s when they were legit terrorists, every few days we would see on TV that a shopping mall as burned with people dying inside, that a school bus was bombed, that the pregnant wife of an officer was shot, that a village (containing Kurds) was massacred by pkk, or a doctor, or a teacher working in the east was “executed”. You can even check from their own documents and newspaper archives:

When akp-era came, everyone forgot about these dead people and said “ok they were just defending Kurdish rights, so now that they’re in the parlaiment, everything’s gonna be good”. In fact, it was probably a scheme containing all 3 groups, akp, Fethullah’s cult, and pkk-party, to split the east of Turkey, create a Kurdish state, and of course, have it controlled by Americans. For many years, everything was going great for them. The American media was calling Erdoğan “second Atatürk”. Documents were forged to jail all the important Kemalist officers who fought against pkk, politicians, columnists, reporters, authors. The cartel of these 3 groups owned or bought every major media company. So, whichever channel you turned, they were talking about the “triumph” of jailing the “secret terrorists who were secretly plotting a secret coup”. The imaginary terrorist organisation even had a name, Ergenekon Terrorist Organizaton (being the first terrorist group to call themselves terrorist?)

Meanwhile, pkk-groups were also doing great. Having billions of dollars in their account from taxing smugglers, heroin and probably foreign-investment, they were having their own media, and becoming more and more mainstream. They merged into the already formed communist youth groups in Turkey. In fact, that’s what they still do, merge into an already made group, organisation, newspaper, cartoon magazine, and change its DNA, seize its control and oppress the ones who’s against you. Many people started seeing mainstream media being more and more pro-pkk, what they didn’t know were the owners or editors or chairmen were being replaced constantly and that was the reason why they became more pro-pkk. The artists who were openly pro-pkk were made legends like Elvis or Kubrick, and anyone who disliked them were quickly labeled as “fascist”. In fact, they had the media and social media so much in their palms, anyone criticizing them were called “fascist” and were bullied on the internet so the others wouldn’t even dare to call the terrorists “terrorist” anymore. Pro-pkk groups marched on to seize many more major organizations involving minority groups, atheist groups, shia groups, feminist groups, socialist groups, student groups, even LGBT groups. You would enter the site of a feminist organization and realize it’s preaching pkk stuff.

There even came a point in 2011, when Erdoğan apologized for the Dersim operations, a set of operations which were done decades ago to destroy the Kurdish rebel landlords not wanting to lose their local authority. He did it because he wanted to take a swing at the opposing party CHP, who’s resposible for the operations. Also because 2011 was around the beginning of the “democratic era”, probably started by the order from USA again, where Erdoğan was claiming that he’d finish pkk terror by discussing for a solution with pkk-politicians, and giving what they want, unlike his rival CHP who used force on the rebels.

In this democratic era, many pkk terrorists who were living outside Turkey were promised pardon if they come and surrender. Their arrival was one of the most embarrassing moments in Turkish history. Think of many isis supporters in Texas, cheering and receiving the isis terrorists from Mexico in a huge festival. That’s definitely gonna bring peace right? I mean, what can go wrong? The slogan for this travesty was uttered by Erdoğan himself, “mothers will not cry anymore (meaning the battle and death will be over)” What’s even more intriguing was, pkk terror had almost finished and pkk was actually history when akp first came to power. But every year leading up to the beginning of “democratic era” of 2010, terror steadily climbed up to the point where people wanted it over no matter what the cost is. Even during the democratic era, there were still terrorist attacks, but the government would simply respond “people who have done the attacks want to damage the democratic era, we will continue our dialogue no matter what”. So guess what happens when you take a terrorist, who makes money out of being a terrorist, who lives on bloodshed, whose capital is death, and ask him what he needs to stop the terror. Of course they keep on asking more and more and more until you cannot give anymore, and in that case they make an attack to punish you, they send their followers (now that there are many thanks to the general pardon) on the streets to smash and vandalize. Imagine this happening in your country. Imagine isis taking control in some of American cities, stopping the cars, asking for ID, burning down the cars of anyone who they don’t like. And government seeing this and not doing anything. These were the times when I was so glad I’d leave the country soon live in USA, because even the young people who were against akp didn’t understand the parties they were supporting was actually a branch of pkk, and they’re actually in it altogether, selling the lands and factories of Turkey, weakening the army, weakening the idea of Kemalism, trying to split Turkey. But I had no success, every popular cartoon magazine they loved, every popular twitter account they followed were pointing out that people like me are just fascists secretly helping akp.

And in 2013, came the turning point. Until then I was a real pesimist, and it was more than a nightmare to live in this circus, where every power is against the Kemalist secular residents (like me). There was just no force left to stop the cartel. I even predicted that by 2015 Turkey would be split and we’d lose the east, also, the captured leader of pkk would be released, Fethullah would come to Turkey. But something I never expected happened. The cartel broke. People say it’s because they couldn’t share the loot, but nobody knows exactly why. Well, it proves once again that you can always count on the middle easterners to turn against each other. Akp and the Fethullah cult started fighting. And everything you see today in Turkey is the result of that. Akp has the government advantage, but Fethullah has the advantage that it’s backed by USA. Fethullah started lobbying for the pro-pkk party, because it has such a critical vote potential, if it enters the parliament, akp wouldn’t have enough delegates to make a government. And that’s what happened in 2015 elections. For the first time ever since it was founded, akp could not make a government. And of course it was the result of the pro-pkk party backstabbing them. And that’s when shit hit the fan. All those pkk groups freely roaming in the east, stopping the cars, asking ID’s, collecting taxes, were suddenly declared “terrorist”. And once trying to weaken the Turkish army, akp got behind the army’s back and gave it permission to fight against the “terrorists”. Erdoğan gambled, and won the gamble. When they had the re-election a few months later, he got 50% of the votes. Akp’s rival CHP supported the pro-pkk party and everyone saw it. People who were angry at akp and were supporting the nationalist right party MHP, turned back to akp because of the fight, and instability, hoping to support the government against the “terrorists”. They won once again, but in the future akp will eventually lose. Because ever since they broke the bonds with USA based Fethullah cult, they’re not useful for USA anymore. And they will be replaced by one which is useful. That’s why in recent months the foreign press started attacking him and calling him a dictator, whereas they used to hail and love him. Well, sorry for him. He came to power this way, it would suit for him to go back the same way. For a few years, Turkey is more livable, now that they’re busy fighting with each other. I’m not supporting the opposing parties either. Turkish people should realize that it’s the perfect time for secular Kemalists to join forces and start a new party, because now there really is nothing to lose.

And after all this, western media attacking Erdoğan with “he’s oppressing minorities” feels so ridiculous, yet it shows exactly why they want a new leader for Turkey.

Let me tell a few things for pseudo-progressives or regressive leftist or whatever you call those people who want to be a liberal but don’t know what the hell is going on in the world:

  • No, if someone is fighting against an evil group, it doesn’t always make them good. Not all the groups who fight against isis automatically become good.
  • No, minorities are not always right. A group being the minority don’t automatically become right. Especially here in the middle east, because;
  • Here people love being labeled “persecuted”. Some groups of people from Turks, Kurds, Armenians, Arabs, etc do that. In here when you fight, you’re either the winner, or you’re persecuted :( In here people send forth young kids to fight, so that if they die the other side would be “child killers”.
  • Funny how people use so many bad words against a simple obnoxious guy like Trump, or even Hitler. See the problem is, you’ll run out of bad words when you come here and observe some of the people living here.
  • You’ll probably see many articles written in English, claiming to live here in Turkey, some contradicting everything I wrote. And you’d be asking how? Because they have no problem lying for propaganda. I’m not saying it because they disagree with me. I’m saying it because I witnessed it many times. They think their “cause” is the right cause and lying or cheating or getting behind children, anything is ok as long as it’s for their cause (whichever it may be). Everyday I find new fake photos taken mostly from the Holocaust and being labeled “Turkish persecution against such and such group” (I find out where it actually came from thanks to reverse image search from google). I know it will sound fake, but I lived here long enough to know it’s true. You know why Turkey is always called “persecutor” in the middle east? Because we’re the strongest in the bunch. Try living with 4–5 obnoxious kids. They try to hit you, stab you, steal your stuff, and even taunt you. And when you push one of them they will throw themselves on the floor and say “HE’S BEATING A CHILD!” Believe it or not I don’t care. This is how it is with us now. Still, I’d prefer to be the target of these accusations, rather than being one of the accusers. Because if you think about it, being a “professional victim” never gets you anywhere. But they’re too stupid to realize that, and too useful for others to be waken up. Thnk of isis. They work the same way. Brutal and merciless until they lose, then they become “victims” and “persecuted”.

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