It may, it may. It may!
01.39 AM

You place your head on my laps. You cry out a light shriek as your head hits mine while you peck me continuosly. Up, and down, and fast. We laugh. So hard that we hit each other’s forehead twice. So we laugh again.

I can’t stay still that my hair is everywhere. You got tickled by my hair that touches your nose. By still laughing, you tuck it behind my ear. Then your fingertips pass my cheeks to caress and eventually explore them. I do look as lovable as the time I was caught unspokenly really enjoying my time with you.

Anyway, I’m still laughing. You smile. I’ve just realized. I stop. You stroke my hair softly. So soft that I’m warmed out of it.

I’m not as bashful as when we just date. I’ve already become calmer. You still go along my face and hair through your eyes and big hands. Our eyes meet. Your smile turns into words. "I love you. I will always do.", you say. Still. I have butterflies in me. I’m happy. I do look calm. But I’m shy. Also weak.. And I.. Don’t reply. May my nod summarize everything.

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