Kristi Coulter

Thanks for this. I’m 24 and when I entered the job market 3 years ago and started drinking heavily I couldn’t understand why and explain to anyone properly. All the reasons you’ve enumerated above are why.

When I posted this on my FB page I got incredibly irrelevant and negative reactions. I think that shows how much people are living in false conciousness. Many are in denial about the problematic way alcohol is marketed to women by corporations, individuals and other women.

Not to over-blame society for my problems but it certainly didn’t help being a young single black woman in a mainly white industry. Drinking was how I coped until I crashed.

Luckily I found ways to cope and am much better now. I wish this was discussed more often. No one warned me how sad I would feel after university and how it would be encourage to put on some lipstick and have a drink to get rid of the feelings, instead of questioning and interrogating the status quo. Thanks for the article.

Cheers, girl (with a glass of club soda)

From South Africa

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