Q and A with CES Data Curator, Ruth Geraghty

In December 2020, a major archiving project entitled the ‘Prevention and Early Intervention Research Initiative’ will complete. The Data Curator for this project, Ruth Geraghty, has been working with community and voluntary organisations and researchers in the children and youth sector since 2016 to preserve and share research data, reports and evaluation materials in the national data archives. This includes a large collection of evaluation and research reports in the Digital Repository of Ireland. In this blog Ruth answers some questions about this new collection, The Prevention and Early Intervention Publications.

Q: Ruth, you’ve just archived a collection of publications from the Atlantic Philanthropies’ Children and Youth programme, in the Digital Repository of Ireland. Can you say a bit more about this collection?

This is a collection of research and evaluation reports…

Five actions for leaders during a crisis — Anne McMurray

Anne McMurray looks to the evidence about effective leadership during a crisis.

When faced with a crisis, most leaders are forced to think and behave in ways that feel unfamiliar. Whether it’s a technological, financial, natural, or health crisis — at work or in the community — crises demand that leaders make an emergency response plan and adapt it as new evidence and factors present themselves.

Effective leaders are able to remain calm and maintain a sense of perspective. According to Gene Klann, author of ‘Crisis Leadership’,

“During a crisis, your goal is to reduce loss and keep things operating as normal as possible.”

As organisational leaders face the current coronavirus (COVID-19)…

Tomás O Ruairc, Director of the Teaching Council describes how a new idea is changing how communities talk about education.

In September 2018, at a conference on creativity in education, a person put a split, emerging conker in my hand and said — this is a gift to remind you that when things appear to be breaking, something new and more beautiful is emerging. This gift came on foot of lots of conversations among those attending, including teachers, parents and students, about how we needed more space and time for creativity; more space and time to have more and better conversations about education.

Moments later, I stood up in front of a crowd of people, and asked if people would…

In March 2019, Majella McCloskey, CES Senior Manager was awarded a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship.

Majella leads CES’s work in Northern Ireland, as well as aspects of the organisation’s work on evidence informed policy making. Her Fellowship will enable her to explore how contested societies have used evidence to reconcile competing policy positions and to bring that learning back to the CES and the Northern Ireland context. Majella’s first visit, which was to South Africa, was undertaken in August and September 2019. Among those she met was Professor Ruth Stewart, Director of the Africa Centre for Evidence. …

Ten questions to help you design a leadership programme


Leadership programmes come in all shapes and sizes. They are designed to meet various purposes and delivered in a wide range of formats. What do we know about effective design? Are there common features across them?

CES is interested in leadership, as we know that it is essential to implementing and sustaining change in public services, and bringing about better outcomes for people who use them. Through our work on the Goal Programme for Public Service Reform and Innovation, we have been working on nine different projects which are testing new ways of working in government departments in Ireland and…

Eight insights about innovation in public services

“Innovation isn’t soft and fluffy. Innovators need data to prototype, to benchmark and to measure transformation.”

Over the past two years, CES has been working with the Innovation Lab in the Department of Finance in Northern Ireland. The Lab aims to improve public services by creating new and ground-breaking innovations through design, experimentation and creativity. Working with the Lab was an opportunity for CES to bring experience about using evidence and implementing change to improve outcomes.

There has never been a more important time for innovation in public services. Citizens expectations of public services are rising, while public resources are…

2018 — Our Year in Resources

An evidence informed round up of some of the most downloaded CES resources in 2018.

Youth Mental Health in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

In March we published the third resource in our Access Evidence Series. This included a literature review and animation on youth mental in Ireland and Northern Ireland. The report, aimed at teachers, youth workers, social workers and others working with young people, identified some key messages about emerging trends in youth mental health across Ireland and Northern Ireland. It highlighted some findings from research on effective approaches, and what practitioners can do to support young people with their mental health. Read more here.

Impact of Alcohol — Capturing the learning.

In June…

In May 2018, four of the CES team presented at and attended the 2018 Nordic Implementation Conference (NIC) held in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The theme for the conference was ‘Joining the Forces of Implementation’, with the aim of advancing the field of implementation science and practice, and effectively integrating research into practice and policy. From the variety of keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops and presentations we attended, here are some of the key things we picked up over the 3 days:

There is a huge amount of evidence at our fingertips

An impressive volume of research and evidence is being produced to support and inform the development of Implementation Science as a field. …

Knowledge Translation is a skill that is becoming more and more prevalent in research, policy and practice. At a fundamental level, Knowledge Translation means making information more understandable and accessible to different audiences in order to increase the impact of research. It is about packaging your work in different ways so that you reach the people you want to reach. At CES, much of our work involves synthesising and adapting research to address different audiences.

In March this year, the ENRICH Research programme, the Centre for Mental Health and Community Research (CMHCR), the NUI Maynooth Department of Psychology and the…

Six Ingredients for Collaborative, Compassionate and Inclusive Leadership in Public Services

“The core question or challenge we face is how do we create the conditions as leaders where the people in our organisations really provide the effort, the services, the experience, the knowledge, the abilities that help to foster the health and wellbeing and the functioning of [Ireland and] Northern Ireland?” Michael West

Welcome to the third instalment of the CES Leaders Digest, where we learn together, from research and real-world experience, about effective leadership and its role in public services. At CES we are assisting six government departments in Ireland and Northern Ireland in undertaking nine reform and systems change…


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