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3 min readOct 6, 2021


The Brief

Canappendix is a leading supply chain technology provider serving the cannabis economy. We were approached to create a website that would connect a community of partners, retailers, and stakeholders in support of its mission to provide premium software solutions and a seamless consumer marketplace experience in the cannabis industry.

The creative freedom given from the brief was especially exciting. Our main focus was to conceptualise a design that complimented the essence of the business. Having this mindset as the bedrock of our decisions, we ensured that creativity and functionality found a playful balance throughout the entire design and development process.

Dreaming a million possibilities

Taking a closer look at user journeys informed us about the important considerations to be made on user experience and accurately representing the brand’s identity to the world. The unique audiences included expert consumers, retailers, and regulators. Our goal was guided by insightful information sourced from several calls with the founders of the company. We narrowed down on achieving this:

To build an aesthetically please site where users could do their research and make a simple purchase of the product from the consumer marketplace.

UX Strategy

We achieved creating a holistic user flow by taking into consideration all the types of audiences that would possibly interact with the site. We did this by creating a sitemap and wireframing key user flows. For retailers, we designed a navigation breakdown that made it easy for them to find important information about how to set up on the Canappendix Marketplace, what value this presented to them and how they could track their success. For consumers, we represented a visually rich homepage for them to explore and educate themselves about the brand and its business. In order to enhance the user experience, we formulated several improvements to the arrangement of information on the pages and the layout of the detailed pages, as well as including interactive animations.


The development process is a combination of strong design direction and execution of the engineering requirements for the project. Since the organization is also constantly evolving we had to build the site in a way that would it as malleable as possible to future iterations while still maintaining its authentic brand identity.

Test and Launch

The final build was internally tested by our entire team. We were thrilled to see the outcome of our strategies and creativity. After making a number of design and functionality iterations, we passed on the site to the Canappendix team to test it out. Following a few more updates, we excitedly launched a clean and dynamic website that accurately reflects the Canappenix brand

Canappendix Website Case Study Video on YouTube

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