We Launched Echo — Feedback Simplified and Ready To Go

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2 min readJun 12, 2020


Today, we launched a customer feedback app designed for businesses anywhere in the world! A better way for organizations to build customer relationships and run their businesses more effectively.

Why Echo?

About two years ago, our company decided to improve employee culture. Our goal was to create a more relaxing workspace; one that allowed free engaging conversations and better-aligned teamwork. In the process, we noticed that the team found it difficult to express themselves using anonymous notes and emails. After running a quick survey in many corporations, we confidently concluded that many others were suffering the same challenge with sourcing feedback from their customers. The challenge of collecting feedback wasn’t unique to us. So, we set out to build a modified solution to help companies listen better to their customers.

Collecting feedback in 5 minutes!

Many people are culturally limited in how freely they can express their opinion on any subject. This is one of the reasons we eliminated third party interference in our design of the app. Even in an increasingly fast-paced world, we understand that people find the need to be listened to very important. So we made the process of getting a review simple, fun and easy. In 5 minutes or less, a user can leave their assessment thanks to the clean user interface and speedy processing of the app.

How Echo can help your business.

The businesses that thrive in the 21st century all have one thing in common: they rely on data. Customer feedback provides a first-hand account of their brand experience, feeding you valuable data to improve products and services, optimize customer satisfaction and retention, and maximize your bottom line. With Echo, we’re hoping to help companies capture actionable data that can be used to make better-informed decisions.

How important is an emoji in communication? For some of us, it’s the one way to show people that our serious-looking text is actually a joke. But for some businesses, an emoji can be the reason for the improvement of a product, or of a customer service experience upgrade.

That’s how Echo works. With the touch of an emoji, customers provide a response on how they feel about your brand. As users leave their remarks, the data is collated and stored for analytics. Artificial intelligence with built-in sentiment analysis and natural language processing delivers valuable insights. This tool makes for a more capable and more versatile use of data such as identifying and predicting emotional patterns of buyers.

We are excited to help companies grow as they turn insights into action using Echo. There’s more to learn and discover at www.echofeed.co. We would love that you try the app and leave your feedback!



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