Digital Basic Income

Francesco Lentini
3 min readSep 12, 2021


Digital Basic Income (DBI) is a disruptive idea to fight poverty and the software to bring at least $10 a day into the pockets of 1 billion individuals or more.

Can you imagine a future society capable of guaranteeing individual’s basic needs - housing, food, clothing, medical care, education - on the basis of present market economy and its algorithms?

We cannot imagine it, so we came up with an AI-powered algorithm that moves money faster and in a circular way, generating what we named your basic income on digital devices or Digital Basic Income (DBI).

The DBI digital platform uses low-cost phones via SMS or smart devices via the Internet, in order to generate revenue on an individual basis. Money comes from small companies, brands, government or all this subjects together (stakeholders).

The core of DBI is an advanced form of storytelling named Smart-narrative™. You can see here a practical description. What follows is a wordy description.

What makes your life unique?

Well, there will be someone (typically a brand) who pays some money in order to be quoted in stories told by you. The narration takes place in the contest of multiple human-machine natural language conversations, so stories will be spread by system’s artificial intelligence. You don’t need to connect concepts with brands or market products.

This type of machine-learning, used to boost brand awareness and combined with a real chance to fight poverty, makes DBI the smartest fundraising system in the world. Let’s tell this story more precisely, in two points.

Everyone wonders how a poor person can make money quickly. We wonder how any person can make money slowly but real time. So, we are going to show you the magic of fundraising at the expense of stakeholders, but inside a win-win business model.

Point one, the Smart-narrative™ technology allows anyone to teach intelligent machines (digital assistants, robots) with the exclusive use of verbal language. In short, you have a chance to create digital content simply by dialoguing. Let’s go with a live demo of this human-machine interaction experience!

Every human being is able to do such thing and can now use experience and imagination to get real time money.

Please note that DBI is not a salary or state contribution. Digital Basic Income is the Universal Basic Income (UBI) that the world is talking about for decades and this time is realized.

Point two, DBI is a web service. The master of steam (owner of the service) has the power to redistribute money in a smart way.

Suppose DBI is licensed to a no profit organization and made operational in a country equipped with 5G networks. The organization will have the opportunity to retain the X% of the money that runs on the platform and use it anywhere in the world for its own purposes, without restrictions due to government institutions.

Now suppose that DBI is funded by a VC firm and made operational in a country affected by poverty issues (equipped with 2G networks). The venture capitalist operates under equity-crowdfunding, fighting poverty and achieving its goals at the same time.

The fact is that Digital Basic Income exploits a virtually inexhaustible resource called human knowledge, implementing a bits-to-bucks business model in which everyone is the winner.

Money moves in a circular way, returning to stakeholders in the form of brand awareness and products/services purchased. Can work in cryptocurrency, of course.

No more influencers. Tell a story and artificial intelligence will do the rest.



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