Is Happiness Finite?

An odd thought came to me today. I was in the kitchen at work cleaning out my protein shaker. I use a plant protein, and it is very grainy. As I was close to completely cleaning out my shaker, I became conscious of how happy I was to have a clean cup again. My mind then went off and imagined a person on a multimillion dollar yacht sipping on a tropical beverage enjoying a happy moment just as I was. Could their happiness be more than my happiness? Can you quantify that even? I paused and starred down into my clean cup again, and thought, if I were to switch roles with that person in that moment, I am not sure I would be any happier. On the flip side of the person that is well off, there is probably a person that is less fortunate with their living environment and may have just had their first meal or drink of water in a long time, and they must have been happy too! It was an interesting notion to have. So maybe there is a cap on the amount of happiness you can experience in a moment? But perhaps happiness differentiates in the amount of time you are in that state. My happiness was short lived once I got back to my work station, but that’s another story! Luckily you can find happiness in any situation, you just have to be present and take note of how great it is to be here to experience life. Just look around. There are great things to be enjoyed everywhere you go.